Rock Smartwatch Launches $99 HD Touchscreen Smartwatch

Nov 29, 2013 • Android, Android, Apps, Gadgets, Startups
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rock smartwatchThe Rock launches their much-anticipated Kickstarter campaign that offers the public “early bird” special prices, just in time for friends and family to get the newest and most affordable smartwatch for as low as $99 for Christmas.

Rock President Vak Sambath says, “We are a small company, but sometimes the most innovative ideas come from small companies. We have combined the best lifestyle features of all the smartwatches in the market and put them all into one smartwatch–the Rock. The Rock is also unique because it has created a line of smartwatches specifically for women.”

rock women

The Rock has a whole line of smartwatches that will meet diverse lifestyle needs. The Rock Wallstreet combines a business and sports watch into one smartwatch. This classy, yet highly functional watch is unique in that it includes a water proof stainless steel face casing, metal band with rubber inserts, Qi battery, patented wireless docking station, patented app portal, Rockin 9 notifications, plus 1.54” HD screen and is powered by the Android 4.2.

When it comes to apps on the Rock Smartwatch, they are created from scratch by the world class app development firm and partner Pyntail. Pyntail’s prowess in the field is supported by the recognition of having 16 apps in the top 100 Apple iTunes list.

In addition, the Rock Smartwatch has created several exciting apps in order to provide information faster and easier to the user.

  • Portal App – This patented app lets you easily transfer your smartphone apps, photos, and contacts to the Rock.
  • Rockin 9 App- This patented app allows for up to 9 message notifications, all on one screen.
  • Total Activity App – This running and biking app allows you to listen to music and monitor your activity at the same time.
  • Tracker App- The Tracker app lets you stay connected and track your items like your keys, smartphone, dog, or anything you want to track.

The Rock Smartwatch line comes in 3 Rockin’ styles for all lifestyles.


  • The Rockin’ Roll Sport for Women & Rockin’ Roll Sport for Men ($99) – This model is constructed of tough materials, versatile colors, and a breathable rubber wristband.
  • The Sports Metal Rock ($129) – This model is the ultimate sports smartwatch made stainless steel tough and incorporates a waterproof band that is light and durable.
  • The Rockin’ Metal & Wall Street ($149) – This model is an all metal smartwatch that is durably designed for the businessman or businesswomen who wants it all. Its features include at-a-glance notifications, one-screen functionality, and a sleek professional design.

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  • JB

    the rock watch is a scam, please see the comments section on the kickstarter campaign for details….

  • Guest
  • Matt

    Vak has provided false and misleading information, has spammed the comments to try and drown out negative responses, and hasn’t answered a single question of the backers.
    Response to the meltdown Vakbot is spamming:
    1) Besides saying “dual processor” I have yet to see any stats on this different processor you reference
    2) You have yet to show how well the Qi works with the watch, just shown pictures of a watch that looks like the Z3 on some kind of dock
    3) You have yet to show any actual patents so stop saying you have patented apps/etc
    4) Upgrading an android version hardly makes it a different watch
    5) Again claiming patents without any patent numbers or info. If you haven’t actually applied/recieved a patent, don’t claim to have it patented
    6) You have yet to show how the tracking works, and it’s not like tracking apps are new
    7) You have shown standard watch bands and some pictures made on a computer, not actual products in these many colors
    8) Have yet to see this work, and it seems to just be an app that moves apps onto the watch from the phone, much like you can export watch skins to Pebble
    9) notifications and time? Pebble has a watch and a vibrate function. Fail to see how yours is special, and again with claiming patents you don’t have
    10) You have a metal case. Ok.
    11) Fitness apps are everywhere. Again yet to see actual app in action
    12) Paying a company to develop apps for you (which we don’t know is true or not) doesn’t make your watch different
    13) There aren’t really enough on the market to call some high end. Samsung is the closest you get. This statement means nothing
    14) So you can charge more, yes. We understand but again Z3 is in China, you’re in the US. Yuo claim higher stats. You added metal to the frame. Of course that’s more expensive.

    None of these provide any of our answers. You still provided no new specs, no new pictures or video. Making bold claims is easy, backing them up is what we want.

    The info that caused the meltdown:
    Hi Vak and all Kickstarter backers sorry to blow away your dreams but to protect every backers and myself for this kind of scams I need to report that immediately.
    I am really disappointed to see a project like that (Scam) in Kickstarter!!
    I love Kickstarter and a big fan of it but sorry I feel that I need to alert all the backers here even that I was needed to pay to write this comment!!
    The smartwatch that you are presenting is a poor Chinese smartwatch that is calling the Z3, she came out in China one year ago with no success due to the Bluetooth connection problems with smartphones, the Z3 cost around 30$ on bulk quantities, the spec of this cheap smartwatch are far like you are pretending, very disappointing also to see that you lie to all of us and pretending for long years that your team develop it.
    Take good examples of Pebble, Agents, Omate this guys real work and develop a smartwatch!!!!
    Shame of you and your Team very frustrated that Kickstarter dont do anything and allow this types of projects!!
    Next time try to do your homework and be logical with the spec, 4GB of Ram ?? what you are joking on backers ? 4GB of memory ? For your record this poor Chinese smartwatch have 2GB of memory and 256mb of Ram it is Running on Android 4.1 and not 4.2!! Oled screen?? 1080P ?? What are you dreaming ?? Even you dont know how to explain what is a resolution so you want Oled screen and 1080P on it ?? Vak please stop jock on us, not everybody are dumb!! For your knowledge the Z3 screen is 1,54 poor lcd. Its not possible to add QI charger on the Z3 due to his construction, the charger is a clip like the first Omate charger.
    The App is also developed by the same Chinese company by the name of Appscomm dont confuse with the well known company Foxconn and they are far to finish the app for just receiving Text message.
    Notifications such as Facebook, Email can be receive only by wifi and not like you are pretending by your smartphone like the Gear!! Next time also dont jock on others and do comparisons with Omate and the Neptune Pines that are far far away advanced from the Z3 specifications and features even the old good Pebble are better!!
    For all the backers here is all the proof
    Link of the company that his developing the Z3 (Rock as you pretending) in China:
    Some pictures of my Z3 that I buy 4 month ago.
    Link of the original picture :

  • RickinHK

    This watch is a scam. They bought an old, cheap smartwatch from and added a Qi charger. Now trying to scam kickstarter with a bogus project. It should be dropped soon. Even the creator has given up and just posts the same message in his own comments page.

  • RickinHK

    Be wary. Vak has now created a new website, stealing the Galaxy Gear evolution video, and claiming that it is his.

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