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The United States is the economic powerhouse that it is because of a culture of innovation, entrepreneurs, and the “can do” attitude that makes it so distinct. While we entertain startup strategies such as being lean or agile, it’s impossible to ignore that, for example, LA has a culture of entertainment, Nashville that of music, New York, a culture of finance and fashion, and Silicon Valley, indeed, a culture of disruptive innovation.

“Rap and hip-hop artists are some of the most fit and health conscience people”, according to Feel Rich CEO, Shawn Ullman. Well, if you listen to the radio or turn on MTV and VH1, all you will hear and see is the bling, sex, and drug promoting side of hip-hop. Long time hip hop fan and business executive Shawn Ullman, remembers when rap and hip-hop told a more positive story to its fans and in his own words, he wants to “take it back to it’s roots” by creating the Feel Rich Network.

The Rock launches their much-anticipated Kickstarter campaign that offers the public “early bird” special prices, just in time for friends and family to get the newest and most affordable smartwatch for as low as $99 for Christmas.

MailLift is unique in that it is one of the few companies that combines technology and a special personal touch to change up direct mail. Handwritten letters are somewhat of a lost art, but MailLift is working hard to keep them alive. Their operations are finely tuned to fulfill orders in the thousands.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear the actual voice of your ancestors, as they tell their life stories? For years, people have been interviewing and recording their ancestors, but finding a safe place to store and easily retrieve later, is a whole other story! How do we help save these memories that fade over time, and when remembered, bits and pieces are often left out or forgotten?

The Consumer Electronics Show, better-known as CES, is upon us, and we are all waiting to see who the big winners are going to be. Two weeks ago I found this new audio company Aedle, that have just created a pair of luxury audio headphones to die for! Then yesterday I read an article by, which featured “5 Tech Startups Worth Watching at CES 2013”, and what do you know, Aedle made the top 5 tech startups…

If you are an avid reader of material about becoming a successful you or about the keys to building a successful company, then you have surely read something about the importance of passion. My latest interview with tech entrepreneur Andrew Draper helped me realize what an important part passion plays in the whole tech entrepreneurial process.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down again with Heather Hiles, the CEO of Pathbrite™. One thing I noticed from our previous interview is that Heather is one smart entrepreneur. For a first-time entrepreneur, she is not only getting it right and getting “base hits”, but she is slugging balls out of the park!

Social games players have been playing for just bragging rights for a few years now. Sure, tending to a harvest or building up a city can be fun but why not play for real world rewards. Well in a few weeks, Mike Gramling, CEO of PopRox Entertainment, plans to knock your socks off with unheard of real world rewards! Fresh off their GDC Online 2012 public unveiling, I had a chance to sit down with Mike and discuss his journey to being a social gaming trendsetter with their new social game Race 4 My Place.