Recently there has been a whole slew of location based apps popping up for every industry.  Then another set of apps on top that focused on a certain niche within that industry.  Most are not worth the time or energy to check in but there are the few which catch some attention.  Uppward, an all new…continue reading.

Teaching credentials? What is that? And who needs them with when you have Supercool School.  Supercool school is a site that allows anyone to create an online learning environment that they can charge students to take a course.  Founder Steli Efti stated that he wants to create the Ning of Education, giving the ability to…continue reading.

Social networks have come a long way in the workplace.  For a lot of companies gone are the days of blocking access to them and now encourage their employees to talk about their products and/or services.  However, nothing comes without a price.  At times slip ups do happen from employees and important information can get…continue reading.

This past Monday, April 12 2010, Network Hippo relaunched their site to the public.  Network Hippo is a social CRM that simplifies and organizes a users contacts across multiple social networks.  Currently Network Hippo allows you to sync up with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn.  Once you have synced all your contacts you are able…continue reading.

Filters are a thing of the past when you have “Digital Intuition”.  No longer will you need to check mark those boxes on what you have interest in.  With my6sense they simply want you to plug in your streams and let it do the work for you.  my6sense intelligently filters your content from Twitter, Facebook…continue reading.

Gwabbit did it again and took home yet another DEMOgod award with their new product the Gwab-o-Sphere.  The Gwab-o-sphere is an “automatic contact cloud” according to CEO Todd Miller.  What the service does is synchronizes the contacts you have across your phones and social networks and puts them in an easy to use contact database.…continue reading.

Corporate sustainability is now being seen as a moral imparative. GreenNurture is the maker of an application that helps employees contribute to the sustainability for their employers.  Based on the popularity of rewards systems and social networking of late, GreenNurture gives people incentives to help save energy and precious resources. GreenNurture has the ability for…continue reading.

The RSS feed subscription idea has been around for quite some time now, however for some reason never really caught on with the general public.  Chances are because they need to then use another service like Google Reader to keep track of the RSS and end up getting information they are not generally interested in.…continue reading.

During DEMOspring 2010 we caught up with Brian Dougherty founder of AirSet.  AirSet gives you your own Personal Cloud Computer and the ability to add groups of Cloud Computers to your Cloud Network. Each cloud computer has an expandable hard disk, a rich suite of web applications, and acts as a web server publishing content. Signing…continue reading.

Shooting a quick video is awesome but what if it is a bit too shaky and what if your subject can’t stick around for more then a minute.  Well now there is a solution! In comes Fotobabble, a quick and easy site and iPhone app that allows you to snap a picture and record an…continue reading.