Online gaming is huge. We all know that but are there Southern California startups that actually has presence in the online gaming space? So far the only one that I’ve heard buzz about has been GirlGamer. At last month’s Digial LA Drinks event, we ran into an MMO company that has really good traction in…continue reading.

If you’re at all interested in technology or social media it is almost guaranteed that you have had some interaction with Twitter. Twitter, the 140 character ‘microblogging’ site, is interrupting our traditional online social interaction at a record pace. I personally couldn’t be more thankful. What used to require endless amounts of nurturing and attention…continue reading.

If you missed the Lunch 2.0 at the Yahoo office in Burbank, many people mentioned that it was one of the best networking and productive lunches in awhile. Over 200 people showed up for free giant size pizza pies, sandwiches, and drinks. There were many fresh new faces in addition to familiar ones. Being a…continue reading.

There were over 300 people in attendance at Dealmaker L.A. at the MTV Networks, and it was a great success. Debbie Landa CEO of Dealmaker Media brings in top of the line of not only startups but capital funding as well. A speed dating session was in order before the networking event which featured: GumGum…continue reading.

Tech Geeks from all over Southern California came down to sunny San Diego for the talks, discussions, and 4-Square…(Yes there was 4-Square.)  Barcamp San Diego was a blast with talks from CSS, Ruby, Sandwiches and everything in between.  Big thanks goes out to Microsoft for holding the event and Chris Messina for helping startup Barcamp. …continue reading.

For all you gaming tech geeks out there TechZulu has a special treat for you. TechZulu was invited to test out the awesome new gaming chair put forth by 4th Motion known as the GYROXUS. This chair put me back into my old arcade gaming days and I loved every moment of it. Here is…continue reading.

Mindshare is not your typical event. They are all about cross pollination that arises from gathering individuals who might not otherwise interact. Doug Campbell puts together an energetic mix of open minded people from architects to programmers to writers to painters to engineers and all others in between. It is a monthly event with a…continue reading.

  Tech and L.A. Media, a marriage of both worlds! That’s the kind of mixture you’ll find at the April Digital L.A (Must be a Facebook member to view group) event. It’s not your typical L.A. tech event. When you show up to this event, you’ll find film makers, content producers, video production, actors and…continue reading.

  Many of you may have heard about Mixergy’s Lunch 2.0 events. It’s probably a household name by now with many SoCal tech folks. However, earlier this week Mixergy hosted an event called “How to grow your site’s traffic” emceed by Andrew Warner (Founder of Mixergy). The purpose of the event was to provide and…continue reading.

For those of you that couldn’t make it to yesterday’s Lunch 2.0 Experian Interactive Media event, here’s the coverage. Experian Interactive Media, located in Santa Monica, is a consumer brands media company. Some of the properties that they run are:, ClassesUSA, Instant Approvals, and Experts on Credit. The company’s goal is to “share the…continue reading.