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Feb 18, 2013 • Apps, Apps & Software, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Startups
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crashEver wondered what else is in the city besides the same old restaurant and typical tourist attraction?  Is there something new and unique to explore within the city boundaries?  Well, the developers at Crashworks, Inc. thought the same thing and decided to bring the curious individuals an app that gives a unique look in your city.  Crash, released for iOS platforms, is the third eye for those looking for something different in their travels.

Using a simple interface, Crash finds the nearest interesting attraction in the surrounding area and lists them all to see and visit with awe.  The attractions range from film locations to wonderful, underground street art to the weird and fantastic architecture hidden from civilization.  Not only have the developers put in many strenuous hours of hard work into releasing this app, but they also spent time to help the Crash community find something wonderful to explore.  Users can also join in the hunt for finding these unique spots by creating attractions and adding photos for others to see.  Crash makes a community where everyone not only follows others footsteps, but to also help and create new attractions for others to find.

Uploading various photos of destinations that the user has visited can create a good view (and a photogenic side) to the attractions listed on Crash.  Crash lets others to pitch in on an attraction by adding pictures and “checking-in”, creating a larger community to meet new friends who are just as interested in the wacky side of tourism.

Create your own list of attractions visited or “to do” list and have others see what your progress is throughout your travels.  People can follow you and receive notifications about new information posted.  Also, follow others and help find and see new interesting locations.

crashViewing each attraction by list, map, or photos to see what the nearest unique destination you want to set.  Going to new destinations and posting new or adding onto previously added content gets you points.  Points for what you may ask?  Crash wants the community to feel not only rewarded, but also compete with others to find new and exciting spots within their city.  The Leaderboards can encourage users to bring in more content for Crash and thus creating a bigger and better community of travelers by travelers.

The biggest problem so far is the lack of locations Crash provides.  To be an effective app, it must expand its network in as many as places as possible.  But only five cities are available as of right now, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Austin, and Hawaii.  Crashworks, Inc. is creating new updates to include more cities in the near future, but no date is given on the updates for more city listings.

The sheer amount of attractions however, make up for the lack of cities available.  One can get lost for days or even months looking at the various locales placed within the vicinity.  Searching for an attraction can be an annoyance as well, as one must constantly flip through the huge list to find something suited to their liking or to find something new that may have been missed before.  There is a filter that shows a certain set of categories, but there is no option or category to give you “top spots” or “recommended visits” of some sort.  The inability to give directions to the all the attractions available on Crash was also a surprise.  The name and address of the location is given, but there is no button or link that directs you to some kind of navigation to find your destination.

Crash is a free app for all and is free of advertisements as well.  Crash looks promising and has the ability to one-up the competition such as Yelp, FourSquare, Instagram, and Pinterest, because of its niche “unique attractions” idea.  The app is still at a young stage, but as more and more users become a part of Crash’s community, the more this app can really dominate the Travel market and gain a huge following.

Alex Bae

A University of California, Santa Barbara graduate. Has a love relationship with photography, technology, and writing. Always looking forward to new creative innovations and writing.

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