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Synhergy Marketing originally was a company setup to be a full service marketing company for the entertainment industry – the record label, the webzine, everything you would need as an artist.

The company based out of the Los Angeles area is very heavily focus towards showing support towards women. Their name even provides additional support. The letters “HER” in the name Synhergy represents women and the passion that the founders hold in wanting to help women founders.

Synhergy now three and half years old, was founded and run by Dimple Thakkar until earlier this year. In the beginning of this year Dimple decided to bring on a business partner (Laurel Kaufman) that helped fuel the ever-growing client base. With the addition of the founding partner, Synhergy has expanded to a team of five.

Early this year, Synhergy decided to rebrand itself. They put together and launched a new website, and Synhergy began opening up their marketing strategies to brands of all kinds.

With the new branding structure, it allowed Synhergy to change focus towards building upon strategic partnerships rather than expanding the company to rapidly and unnecessarily. Dimple and her team are able to use those relationships and partnerships built over time to provide clients with a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs.

The Synhergy brand is what it is today by working with clients all across the globe. Now representing clients of all areas from non-profits and property management companies, and rock artists. Who’ve raved with great testimonials of their work that has been done and the injection of fun yet serious tone that Synhergy provides.

I had the chance to sit down with Dimple, the Founder and CEO of Synhergy Marketing. She was an absolute delight during the interview and even sold me on a few services of hers. Below are some of the highlights from our interview.

Since based here in LA, do you work with some of the bigger talent or more of the independent names?

Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah

We’ve worked with wide a range of clients. We’ve had artists who are just starting up and have funding, startup artist, to rock band called Hell Yeah and everything in between. Hell Yeah, who’ve recently just switched labels to Sony and last two records debuted on the top of the billboard charts – something rarely heard of in the rock industry.

I’m working with an artist now Jes Hudak, who was recently on BravoTV on a show called Platinum Hit. It’s similar to American Idol, but they judge more on your song writing ability rather than your ability to cover other songs. Jes made it to the final two and then lost. We had been working with her before, during and after the show. With her popularity growing because of the show, it gave us the user base to execute things that we were holding off on to try, but now had the audience to try on.

Jes Hudak

Jes Hudak

We ran contests where selected winners won their own custom jingle write by Jes. She actually sat down and wrote custom songs for them, they were great. She even did research on their backgrounds so the songs were catered to their personalities and experiences.

Cross Promote

The reason we have such a diverse clientele is because we like to match our clients together. Great brand and great artist – they could write a jingle together. We’re doing this already.

What kind of services, deeper than social media, do you provide to your customer base?

We know that social media is an investment.  So we want to show our customers how to invest correctly in it and grow with it. We provide the basics of setting up profiles, optimizing and marking sure things are filled out correctly. Then you have the management of profiles and make sure you’re up to date with any framework changes that might be going on. The meat and potatoes of what we do is the interactive marketing – so coming up with the promotions, contests, giveaway – that’s what’s going to turn a fan into an evangelist for your brand.

Creativity is what we focus on. It allows us to provide a way for our customers to stand out. Aside from the basic services we also offer premium services including helping build websites, networking and introductions to strategic partnerships.

I noticed on Twitter it says you’re location is worldwide. Tell me about that.

Well we have clients all around the US, form here in Los Angeles, California, to the MidWest, to New York. Recently have started talking with clients in United Kingdom. Which has turned into a bright market for us. There are those who are looking for our type of services and help with their extisting markets along with away to break into the US markets.

Looking back ten years now, did you ever think social media would be such a huge part of our lives?

YES. I’ve always been a super geek, and I was reading Mashable, TechCrunch and keeping up with all that was going on. Now we have social media showing up on direct mail, tv commercials, even in our cars. Just big signs that social media isn’t going away anytime soon.

What do you see as the next steps in social media?

Mobile. That one seems obvious. Mobile is the big thing. There are statistics coming out everyday showing the growing use of mobile devices and the rate people are using them to check common things versus a typical PC.

I think a lot of things are going to be more user friendly with the near field communication (NFC) tools that are coming out.

Which of the coming technologies are you most excited about?

I think in terms of marketing, making it easier for people to find information and information to find them. People being able to get the kind of deals they want the most and filter out traffic of things you don’t want. You walking near a store that has something you like they can send you a deal for that item and you’re happy because you asked for it and got what you wanted.

Things are going to move from interruption marketing towards permission-based marketing. Where you’re no longer marketing to someone who can ignore you.

You can learn more about Synhergy and check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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