MARLEY and The Headphones | Giving Back To Complete The Circle

Jan 13, 2012 • CES, Gadgets, Headphones
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This week at CES we’ve become witness to multiple celebrity endorsed products. Some growing their brand and others putting forth to give back. The latest being The House of Marley. Which brings to topic this exciting trend taking off of people using technology and social media to help support others in return. It’s no shock that using technology to help grow charitable acts is a growing industry and we’re certain to see more companies built around the concept.

Bob Marley sang, “make way for that positive day.” As 2012 gets underway, The House of Marley, a collection of premium quality, earth friendly personal audio products, is making way for new designs and products to enjoy the music that moves you.

MARLEY is at CES this year to debut their newest collection of MARLEY headphones for 2012

“We take seriously the responsibility that comes with applying the Marley name to any product, particularly audio equipment, and we are extremely pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received from all corners of the Earth to our initial collection of MARLEY headphones,” said Rohan Marley on behalf of the Marley Family. “We want to give people new ways to experience the sounds of their favorite songs, while giving back to the people and the planet through our non-profit organization, Our father taught us everything we do has to give back, to complete the circle. It’s not enough to make earth-friendly products; we need to support programs that do good and take action.”

The House of Marley donates five percent of annual profits to, the global movement sparked by the Marley family that provides funding to charities and cause focused on youth, planet and peace. MARLEY headphones are currently available in markets worldwide in MARLEY headphones are currently available in markets worldwide including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, South America and the Caribbean with planned expansion into the rest of Europe and the Middle East in 2012.

“It has been a fantastic experience taking The House of Marley from country to country and seeing how the universal messages of peace, love and unity transcend all languages and cultures,” said Alon Kaufman, CEO, The House of Marley. “We’re part of a movement at which the Marley family is at the forefront to offer exceptional audio and lifestyle products that can satisfy your soul and move you to action.”

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