Learn How to Kiteboard Online. MentorMob Launches Free Social Online Learning Guides

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At this point most people know you can learn just about anything online, but MentorMob founders Vince Leung and Kris Chinosorn found weeding through free online instruction to find quality content cumbersome and tedious.  The founders are lifelong friends and lifelong learners from Chicago who have had successful careers in tech before joining forces to create the ultimate free social online learning destination that takes the best teachers on the web and curates their content into MentorMob learning Guides. Including one on kiteboarding. So yes, now you can learn how to kiteboard online. And to prove their value, the entire MentorMob team has attempted to learn to kiteboard online using their guide and apparently did well.

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How does it work? MentorMob finds the best free learning content and organizes it into comprehensive MentorMob learning Guides including Kiteboarding, Parenting, Wedding Planning and Entrepreneurship with more continuing to roll out on the regular. Each Guide contains a series of playlists that cover beginner to advanced topical knowledge. All content within these playlists is hand-picked from the web for their quality and relevance by the MentorMob Mentors, a group of experts, enthusiasts and bloggers. The playlists can contain a variety of assets from photos, to video, to written instructions.

Anyone who wants to learn a new skill or hobby without the barrier of expensive lessons or searching aimlessly on the web can go to MentorMob.com and get started. The community around the Guides not only contributes to the content, but will also help shape what new Guides should be made. Learning on the go will also be available through the MentorMob app in iTunes.

“MentorMob has been able to build incredible communities to help us build these free learning Guides,” says MentorMob CTO Vince Leung, ”And we cannot wait to see what develops with people learning from this incredible resource.”

MentorMob is a true startup story full of wins, encouragements and major pivots. After being accepted into the Kaplan and TechStars education startup accelerator and coming in second place at last year’s SXSW startup showcase, the first version of MentorMob was renamed and spun off into LessonPaths.com. LessonPaths is a site geared more toward sharing and curating content, whereas today’s MentorMob focuses on lifestyle learning. One notable difference from the two sites is the awesome UI that was rejiggered for the new lifestyle-focused MentorMob. It provides a great framework and user experience for a potentially problematic storyline.

The MentorMob founders saw an opportunity to bring together the world’s best teachers with awesome content and put them in touch with you, the students who want to continue learning. Learn all you want, when you want, for free!

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