New York’s SeedInvest Raises $1 Million To Grow Crowdfunding Platform

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SeedinvestNew York based SeedInvest, an the equity-based crowdfunding platform founded in 2012 by former professional investors Ryan Feit and James Han Friday closed $1 million in funding led by the Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network in a move that will see them accelerate the growth of the platform and to develop new features that assist both investors and companies seeking capital.
Other prominent prominent individual investors also participated in the round.

According to Harjinder Sidhu, of Jacaranda Ventures,”SeedInvest is opening up new opportunities for a vast population of accredited investors, and will bring enormous amounts of new capital to startups. The platform allows investors to do their due diligence on their own time, network with other investors and execute deals with little overhead.”

Over 650 accredited investors and over 450 companies

With over 650 accredited investors and over 450 companies seeking to raise funds via SeedInvest, the February 2013 launched firm projects a better future than other platforms in the equity crowdfunding market.

The platform carefully vets every company applicant and only presents less than 2% of opportunities to its investor base. Since, launching, three companies successfully achieved their fundraising goals on SeedInvest. These include StearClear, DietBet and LISNR, which closed its round a few days ago.

Set to Empower Angel groups and VC’s

Pleased with this growth SeedInvest CEO and co-founder, Ryan Feit said, “Working side-by-side on deals with professional investors has worked extremely well for us. SeedInvest empowers angel groups and venture capitalists whereas others are merely looking to disrupt the existing ecosystem.”

Free online tools

SeedInvest has a web-based platform  which removes many of the traditional barriers entrepreneurs face in raising money and has many innovative tools for both investors and companies seeking capital that improve deal flow, simplify the process and speed up investments.

It also has free virtual due diligence sessions, investment dashboards, an advanced data room and virtual boardroom features.

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