Two years ago, TechCrunch posted an article labeling Zivity as an adult content site being headed up by Silicon Valley’s Elite. Since then they’ve come to be more properly regarded  as a site that celebrates the beauty of women through power of fine-art photography. Given the fact that Zivity is about the empowerment of women,…continue reading.

In this episode of Mindshare.LA Rob Spruijt Artist & Neurologist, talks about “Where Dreams and Movies Intersect.” This topic was really interesting as it really gets you think about where movies and dreams part ways, and how what movies you watch interest in the dreams that you have.    

In this episode of Mindshare.LA we bring you Paul Carey of  Pres, Marketing Specialists, Inc. presents, “Stereographics 101: You CAN Try This in the Home.”  Paul Also set up a home 3d at mindshare so you could go and see it in action. 3d at home is most impressive technology and definently the wave of…continue reading.

In this episode of Mindshare.LA we bring you Tyler Emmett. Tyler’s talk is called – Conquering the Useless: The Journey to Make 180 South.This talk is a phenomenal journey around the world in a sail boat trying to follow the endless summer track by sea. Tyler was the cinematographer for the event. Not only did…continue reading.

Listen up local SoCal developers.  MSDN is putting on a tour of sorts in the SoCal area hitting all the major hotspots for Windows 7 multi-touch and SketchFlow.  Here what is going to be covered: Windows 7 For Developers: Demonstrate how to utilize the new taskbar, and multi-touch support.   IE8 for Developers: In this…continue reading.

No great series is complete until the blooper reel is released.  Well we got them for your viewing pleasure.  Bytes by MSDN and TechZulu bring to you scenes to good and hiliarious to throw away.  We’ve got crying, laughing, and grooming all caught on film. Worth the watch.

This week Bytes by MSDN and TechZulu brings to you Tim Heuer. Tim Heuer is a program manager for Microsoft Silverlight. He helps build the worldwide Silverlight community and is very passionate about the platform and technology in general. Having over 13 years of experience with Microsoft Web technologies, Tim is excited about the opportunities…continue reading.

Back in Feburary the Twestival LA was a huge success.  With a few big celebrities and cewebriteis all geared towards a good cause it’s no doubt it was huge.  This time around Twestival is focusing on Chrysalis and the LA Food Bank. Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged and homeless individuals…continue reading.

Nokia announced new stuff for you mobile market moguls who can’t get enough good stuff. Granted, I’m still waiting for Nokia to come back around and be the innovative beast they’re supposed to be in the world of pocket gadgets, but until then? I’ll accept throwing more handsets into the pit as a temporary band-aid…continue reading.

Attention Bar Owners (@theroxy @nicadler and the entire Sunset strip) Rock Band wants you!  Being in LA Tech there is no doubt that Rock Band has shown up to take over a bar on occasion.  Well Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games the creators of Rock Band now want to take over a few bars…continue reading.