The Iris Browser is a new, Webkit-based web browser for Windows Mobile devices running versions 5 or 6(+). The company recently released an updated version (Iris Browser 1.1.0) which is a very different piece of software than the one that was being used by beta testers. In the latest update, the company says they’ve merged…continue reading.

Sonim claims that the XP1 is one of the toughest phones out there.  With tons of videos out showing the XP1 being run over with a tracker, water being spilt on it, and dropped from top of some staircases, Gadget Review decides to take it a bit further.  When the Gadget Review folk came to…continue reading.

Apple unveiled Safari 4 beta today, calling it the world’s fastest and most innovative browser. The Nitro engine in Safari 4 runs JavaScript 4.2 times faster than Safari 3 according to Apple. New features that are supposed to make browsing more intuitive and enjoyable include Top Sites, for a visual preview of frequently visited pages;…continue reading.

Wunder Radio, an already popular mobile application, became available to users of Windows Mobile phones just last week. The service provides access to nearly 36,000 radio stations delivered by Radio Time. With this app, you can access over 400 different genres including music, talk, sports, entertainment, and more. In addition to providing streaming radio services,…continue reading.

Microsoft Corp. today announced a new initiative, Elevate America, which will provide up to 2 million people over the next three years with the technology training needed to succeed in the 21st-century economy. Microsoft has worked for years with other businesses and community-based partners to broaden access to job opportunities through information technology education and…continue reading.

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you’ve probably seen someone with an elaborate background that’s designed to work around the text elements of the Twitter layout. Maybe it’s got a photo and some contact information on the side, or maybe it just frames the main text field in some creative way. When you…continue reading.

Thousands of Google email users, Gmail users, are experiencing problems logging into Google. I tried it myself, I am am also receiving 502 errors. There are huge threads at Google Groups with users complaining as early as 5:20am EST. BBC coverage of the worldwide GMail outage.

When you go to upload photos with LiveUpload version 2.0, you’re given the option to link a particular Photo Gallery tag with a Facebook user. The links you make are saved, so you only have to configure each tag one time. Future uploads will automatically link the correct tags to the correct people. Facebook users…continue reading.

I wanted to drop a quick note that I am continuing giving free programming lessons at my office in Venice. Tonight we are covering chapters from the free, CC-licensed book, A Byte of Python as well as taking apart an open source Guitar Hero clone called Frets on Fire. Next week, we will be covering Django,…continue reading.

CellFrog just announce their syncing capabilities with your google accounts.  I just tried it out and it worked seamlessly.  Originally when CellFrog was first made public they had Plaxo syncing capabilities from the start.  The thing was that all of my contacts were in google, so manually entering all of my contacts to make a…continue reading.