UPDATE: We are all out of codes. Thanks to all who participated :) Alright, there has been tons of buzz around the Underground PDC event happening this coming Wednesday, November 18th.  Our buddy and fellow TZ contributor Jacob Nahin has about 20 odd invites that he just can’t wait to give away!  We were part…continue reading.

Today Twiistup has announced it official date of January 28th 2010 and an awesome lineup of its first confirmed speakers.  Check them out below: Om Malik Founder and senior writer for GigaOm. Before launching his own publishing venture, Om was a senior writer for Business 2.0 magazine covering telecom and broadband stories. He is also…continue reading.

Getting props when props are due can be a difficult task in the realm of social media.  In the world of real time that we all currently live in being able to get good solid timely feedback is almost crucial.  No body really cares what someone said about your company two years ago or even…continue reading.

If you have more then one twitter account and want to see some how much ROI you are getting from them, HootSuite might be something you may want to take a look at.  There are tons of applications that can help you monitor you twitter account but HootSuite is focused mainly on the power-user and…continue reading.

L.A. Tech Week held at the Business Technology Center in Altadena is one of the gems of tech events held in Southern California in my opinion.  Why a gem?  Well for one its held in Altadena and two it’s a fresh change of scenery.  TechZulu has been attending the L.A. Tech Week event going on…continue reading.

Guest post by Caroline Graeff of Imagine Marketing Agency This is a highlight video from the event, to view the full discussion click here: “Where’s Waldo”, a social media discussion featuring great panelists, experts in the social media craze: – Jonathan Rosen, Lucky NY – Cameron Olthius, 5ones.com – Scott Tilton, loopd.com – Emily Goligoski,…continue reading.

Aggregation seems to be the magic word for 2009.  Here is one company I believe is doing best.  News aggregating company Thoora gives you all your media news, social and traditional, in one place.  Thoora has recently come out of private beta offering their free service of breaking news that is based off of millions…continue reading.

Looking for a place to get your feet wet on blogging and social media?  The Bloggers Bulletin might be the place for you.  Focused specifically on the business community they have over 45 contributors to help get you started with facebook, Twitter, to even creating a WordPress blog for your company.  They have only been…continue reading.

We caught up with Jeffrey Hayzlett at the 140 character conference held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.  The way of photo sharing today is “Allowing people to be able to connect in different ways” says Jeffrey.  Being able to snap a picture these days has been easier then ever.  Even folks that do…continue reading.

Hand-picked blogs representing tremendous different areas of content.  With over 3 million blogs articles from over 500 categories.  Also, Finding quality blogs can be a bit tricky when there are about 60 million online blogs to look through.  In comes Regator.  Regator looks for and chooses the best blogs and organizes them for you and…continue reading.