Media Temple has always been a big influence here in Southern California, and we love to support our local peeps.  And like they say, “if you want to be the best then you have to partner with the best.”  So TechZulu is proud to have Media Temple as a partner and have the site hosted…continue reading.

Last Thursday Dealmaker LA brought together a great bunch of speakers to go over a very important subject…The Exit.  Knowing when you should cash in all in or hold out for a bigger earn-out can be a tough decision.  In this series a few key points will be gone over: Given the market upheaval, what…continue reading.

San Francisco, September 14th and 15th, start-ups and tech-centric companies took to the demo-floor and stage amongst their peers, potential investors, and press. This was the first time I attended TechCrunch, and I’m definitely a fan of new and innovative awesome applications for the Internet. Herein lies the problem with TechCrunch50 Pacing through the demo…continue reading.

Potholes? Graffiti? Trash? Couch on the front yard?  Have a problem within your community or in your city report it to your local government with CitySourced.  Community watch has now gone 2.0.  Beloved local LA start-up FreedomSpeaks became one of the TC50 darlings with their new CitySourced application.  Practical, useful, and solving a problem is…continue reading.

RedBeacon, a new way to find local service providers similar to the OpenTable model, nabbed the $50,000 grand prize at the recent TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco. If you find it a hassle to locate a dependable plumber or electrician, RedBeacon will do it for you. Once you request a service, local businesses can bid…continue reading.

Guest Post by Erin A. Darling from The Pop Fix LA’s Twestival took place last Sunday night to a mixed crowd of techies, social butterflies and, of course, people scrambling for free drink tickets. A large crowd of Twitter users (or, Tweeple, as some like to say) converged at Level 3 at Hollywood & Highland…continue reading.

One of the events that I do for techzulu is This is a great organization that teaches solid Methodologies for making awesome software through scrum.   Scrum provides us with a great framework for building our Scrum team, implementing the core agile practices and getting the inspect and adapt process started. But Scrum doesn’t…continue reading.

Novell today released MonoTouch 1.0, a tool designed to let programmers who use Microsoft’s .NET Framework develop applications for the popular iPhone and iPod devices. MonoTouch is the first tool to come from the Mono Project targeted at a mobile platform. The Mono Project is an effort organized by Novell to bring .NET and Windows-centric…continue reading.

In this episode of Mindshare.LA Marc Barasch Author and CEO of, “The Green World” talks about what it takes to be Green. Marc walks us through what it takes in today’s world to recycle and live with the planets natural resources. He then goes on to tell us about what will happen if we don’t…continue reading.

In this episode of Mindshare.lA Eileen Luders currently a Post Doctoral Neurology Researcher at UCLA talks about what it takes to build a bigger brain. What does this mean exactly? Well as you will find out there are several ways for you to expand you knowledge and your brain to function faster. Truly a mind…continue reading.