This coming Friday December 4, 2009 TechZulu will be streaming live from the Biopolitics of Popular Culture Seminar.  Join us as we explore and discuss popular culture’s tropes and cliches that shape our debates about emerging technologies. Description from site below: “Our most transcendent expectations for technology come from pop culture, and the most common…continue reading.

Everyone today is talking about cloud computing and putting everything in the cloud.  However, have you ever wondered what the cloud actually looks like?  Have you been able to touch?  Well we have thanks to the Microsoft PDC09 event, and now you get to as well (well see what it looks like, not actually touch…continue reading.

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It is that time of the year again!  A gathering of friends and family from all over the Southern California tech communities.  Coming together to discuss all the latest technology and gadgetry to hit 2009.  The annual Digital Family Reunion Holiday party is coming up this Wednesday December 2 at Wokcano Restaurant. DFR ’09 will…continue reading.

Guest post by Jim Alden @TechFrog Everything is about compromise right? There is no perfect situation in any aspect of life. Want an iPhone and the plethora of apps it offers?  You must put a ring on the finger of AT&T. Want to be on another network? Fine, but you’ll have no access to that…continue reading.

By now all the super Black Friday shoppers are just finishing up and now beginning to go into an unboxing rage.  Why let this great experience go to waste and have no one rise their fist in anger because you were the guy who got the last $300 HDTV.  Let yourself be known and show…continue reading.

In the last week, Seesmic released three new apps to much Internet fanfare: a native app for Windows (Seesmic for Windows), an app for Blackberry (Seesmic for Blackberry), and Seesmic for Android (guess the OS). As a self-proclaimed evangelist for the company’s software, I leaped at the opportunity to use the new Twitter tools. Unfortunately,…continue reading.

The video game industry and the film industry have always had some sort of relationship with each other.  Big blockbuster films ended up becoming video games but it did not usually become big blockbuster games.  What is beginning to happen is studios are hiring people like Chris Hewish, Head of Global Interactive for DreamsWorks Animation,…continue reading.

The Microsoft PDC 2009 event had some huge announcements and not only concerning Microsoft products.  For those of you that may not know what the Microsoft PDC conference is all about, it is a developer event focused on the technical strategy of the Microsoft developer platform.  Literally people from all over the world come to…continue reading.

During LA Tech Week we caught up with Kellee Santiago Co-Founder of thatgamecompany creators of Flower, FlOw, and now Cloud.  Flower and FlOw have both been top selling games on the Playstation Network thanks to the explosion of downloadable content within the video game industry. Kellee gives us an inside view of her company and…continue reading.