When we first bumped into EtchStar at TOMS shoes, one might think that EtchShar isn’t tech enough. Lasers are etched to customize and personalize iPods, phones and etc. How techie is that? Well, Karina Grotz and Ben Katz showed us how technical and cool etching can be. Karina and Ben were nice enough to…continue reading.

Stowe Boyd Bio: “I am best known these days for my writing (and the thinking behind it, I hope) at /Message, hence the /Messengers. I am obsessed with social tools, and their impact on business, media, and society. I coined the term “social tools” in 1999, the same year I started blogging, and I haven’t…continue reading.

For all you gaming tech geeks out there TechZulu has a special treat for you. TechZulu was invited to test out the awesome new gaming chair put forth by 4th Motion known as the GYROXUS. This chair put me back into my old arcade gaming days and I loved every moment of it. Here is…continue reading.

Mindshare is not your typical event. They are all about cross pollination that arises from gathering individuals who might not otherwise interact. Doug Campbell puts together an energetic mix of open minded people from architects to programmers to writers to painters to engineers and all others in between. It is a monthly event with a…continue reading.

  Tech and L.A. Media, a marriage of both worlds! That’s the kind of mixture you’ll find at the April Digital L.A (Must be a Facebook member to view group) event. It’s not your typical L.A. tech event. When you show up to this event, you’ll find film makers, content producers, video production, actors and…continue reading.

  For many people the ultimate dream is to start their own business. But that difficult and elusive task can have many obstacles. The E.Factor attempts to solve a major impediment of entrepreneurial ambitions by bringing together individuals with similar aspirations but different skill sets, allow them to share ideas, collaborate and potentially become business…continue reading.

  Many of you may have heard about Mixergy’s Lunch 2.0 events. It’s probably a household name by now with many SoCal tech folks. However, earlier this week Mixergy hosted an event called “How to grow your site’s traffic” emceed by Andrew Warner (Founder of Mixergy). The purpose of the event was to provide and…continue reading.

For those of you that couldn’t make it to yesterday’s Lunch 2.0 Experian Interactive Media event, here’s the coverage. Experian Interactive Media, located in Santa Monica, is a consumer brands media company. Some of the properties that they run are: LowerMyBills.com, ClassesUSA, Instant Approvals, and Experts on Credit. The company’s goal is to “share the…continue reading.

Our dream for a collarfree was to create a place where young creative people from around the world could come together to collaborate and create unique products with a hip and fashionable flare. Our goal is to inspire and rewards creativity, encourage people to think out of the box, and to share our passion for…continue reading.

Meebo is a website for instant messaging from absolutely anywhere. Whether you’re at home, on campus, at work, or traveling foreign lands, hop over to www.meebo.com on any computer to access all of your buddies (on AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber) and chat with them, no downloads or installs required, for free!