Creative entrepreneur with experience in marketing, strategy and product management. My main interest is making things happen. These personal sites are always cheesy so trying to keep it simple and help you learn more about me. My studies and personal interest are in user experiences, planning and creating new websites and figuring out how to…continue reading.

We are here to inform. Our access to politics has really changed. We’re forced to adapt to the times. And the present times are interactive. Innovative. We are making use of what is not only an innovation revolution, but an engagement revolution. It’s why we built a platform that offers a new approach to connecting…continue reading.

We leverage our external networks and our internal operating executives, who have built companies in the past. We look for leaders in the technology community who can lend expertise and judgment, as well as their networks, and get them involved with the companies their backgrounds best match. Clearstone’s active guidance approach to technology investing combines…continue reading.

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I am currently employed as Director of Product Development in FOX Interactive Media’s Labs group. Basically I get to prototype and build cool new media products. Prior to FIM Labs, I worked in product management at FOXSports, and as a Technical Producer at I live in Santa Monica, but Toronto’s my home town. I…continue reading.

Success. Prosperity. Fame. All are a part of your identity, your Ego. Ego TV is a new multi-platform TV network that’s all about prosperity and how to achieve it. Your Ego is your confidence booster that guides you to success. Listen to your Ego. Everyone has an ego. Ego TV is Gen Y’s destination for…continue reading.

While we were at the Code Trip goes to Redbull‘s event Microsoft invited us to take a tour of the actual tour bus they are using to travel around the country. They also let us in on some cool Microsoft info that might strike your fancy. Oh and did i fail to mention that Styx…continue reading.

Here’s the list of events on what’s going on in San Diego for the month of April. These events are full of awesome discussions ranging from marketing, presentations, design to web analytics. Source:   April 7th – SEO Meetup April 8th – SD Tweetup April 8th – Virtual Worlds: Innovating & Investing in the…continue reading.

We want to take this time to welcome Aaron Fulkerson as a contributing writer to Techzulu. Aaron Fulkerson is no stranger to the tech community. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Mindtouch is a wiki-based management platform solution for communities and enterprise companies. As a contributing writer, Aaron will focus on the tech…continue reading.