ParkMe Launches Real-Time Parking In San Francisco [Infographic]

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parkme_sf_infographicMotorists in San Francisco will from today have access to real-time availability of garage and street parking with ParkMe’s launch in the city, a move that will save their time and money by easily finding the closest and cheapest parking.

ParkMe is working with 290 garages and lots in San Francisco, and has a partnership with ABM Parking Services, which operates multiple facilities throughout the Bay Area to alleviate parking frustration in San Francisco.

Data to eliminate the hassle of parking

According to Sam Friedman, ParkMe CEO and co-founder,“The goal of ParkMe is to eliminate the hassle of parking by sharing real-time availability and rates to enhance the experience for all drivers in San Francisco. ParkMe allows users to see parking availability in the form of heat maps that illustrate parking availability on a block-by-block basis through color-coded streets on a map. The street parking availability is refreshed every five minutes – to help you find the best spot in less time.”

With the new launch in San Francisco, the city’s motorists in over 29,000 metered spaces and 100,000 parking spaces in lots and garages will simply download the app to have instant access to comprehensive parking information, including rates, hours, accepted payment types and more.

Over 29,000 metered spaces and 100,000 parking spaces

“Currently, there are millions of drivers accessing parking data directly through ParkMe’s branded mobile apps and through its partnerships with GPS and in-car navigation systems,” said Alex Israel, ParkMe COO and co-founder. “Now, San Francisco drivers have access to ParkMe’s vast array of partnerships and connectivity to the ever-changing parking conditions. Our goal is to arm every driver with real-time information to transform parking into a painless, seamless and pleasant experience. And if San Francisco’s parking system expands, we will increase its coverage area accordingly.”

Recommendation engine

ParkMe also has a “recommendation engine” that shows drivers the best parking location around their destination based on cost and proximity. With its rate calculator ParkMe automatically calculates the total price of parking based on the amount of time they would like to stay.

Founded by Sam Friedman and Alex Israel in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, the ParkMe app is among the Top 10 of free navigation apps in the iTunes App Store. The free app collects and aggregates data about both on-street and off-street parking and has the world’s most comprehensive parking database for over 28,000 locations worldwide, over 1,800 cities and 32 countries.

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