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May 18, 2012 • Apps, Entrepreneurship, Startups
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I can still remember the day I made a double play in a little league guy when was a kid. It was one of the great sports moment for me. Without doubt highlight reel worthy. However back then the only way you would’ve seen it is if you were there or saw the picture a reporter snapped at the game (which was in the local paper later that week). WePlay has created something to change that.

WePlay is a game changer in the lives of parents and children involved in youth sports. As one of the fastest-growing social media network for coaches, parents and players of youth sports, WePlay as grown to over 50,000 participating teams nationwide representing more than 60 different sports. The Santa Monica-based company is backed by such as CAA, Major League Baseball, Derek Jeter, LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Jennie Finch (Olympic gold medalist in softball), First Mark Capital out of NY which just sold Riot Games for $400 million and Deep Fork, a Menlo Park VC boutique firm. That being said, it shows just how important sports are to the youth of the world.

Recently Weplay teamed up with U.S. Olympic Swimmer, Summer Sanders, and a mother of two active kids, to help promote the launch of their Allergy Alert Mobile App. The app was created to educate the community on ways of helping young athletes play on during allergy season. To help parents and coachs further the mobile app synchs with existing Weplay team calendars and provides weather/pollen advisories and seasonal how-to’s for parents and their kids. It is now available for iPhone and Android users.

Sanders, an athlete with allergies herself, works to provide regular content about her ongoing struggles with allergies as motivation to young athletes. In addition she’ll also be sharing stories about her lifelong allergies, her children’s activities and coverage/analysis of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. For any athlete with allergies just hearing how Sanders overcame her own allergies to medal four times in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, including two Gold medals is sheer motivation knowing that can do it too.

“With as many as 30 percent of children and 40 percent of adults affected by seasonal allergies today, this campaign felt organic to Weplay’s mission – helping parents prepare for the curveballs of supporting their kids in sports,” said Lane Soelberg, CEO of Weplay.


Launched in 2008, Weplay has become an online youth sports community for coaches, parents, kids and teams that helps families get more out of youth sports. Partnering with world-class organizations and athletes, has allowed the site to be free to join and gives opportunities to bring together coaches and families with easy-to-use tools to organize leagues, schedule and plan games, share photos/videos and connect with community members so kids can simply … play

Now you’ll never forget to bring orange slices and juice boxes to the game this Saturday.

Kyle Ellicott

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