5 Home Automation Myths to Stop Believing Today

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It’s time to make your house work for you. The phrase “home automation” can seem daunting, but you can embrace these new technologies to create a home that heats, cools, lights and secures its residents more efficiently. Don’t let jargon and misconceptions about smart homes scare you off!

Today, the products that power a smart home are light years away from the myths that surrounded them when they debuted. Here, we debunk some of the most common misconceptions about home automation and explain the truths of having a high tech home.

Myth #1: I Can’t Afford It

Installing smart technology doesn’t require signing off on a science fiction-style home makeover with a Hollywood blockbuster-sized budget. Cutting-edge products for the home are as simple as programmable light bulbs and plugs that add Wi-Fi connectivity to household products.

Consider how you would most benefit from an automated home—saving energy? Better security? Stick to products that take on only those tasks. You can always add on to your smart home later, as most manufacturers specifically design their products to be compatible with many leading brands.

Myth #2: I Need a Big House

Unlike popular perception, a smart home is not exclusive to those living in sprawling estates with thousands of square feet to spare. You can have a stereo system that follows you from room to room even if there are only a couple rooms in the entire house, or a home security system that only monitors the hallway leading up to your front door. The home automation industry is filled with products designed to fit into small spaces: everything from energy-efficient outlets that plug right into a wall, to Wi-Fi-connected speakers that won’t hog your bookshelf space, to nearly-invisible security cameras that can be adhered to the ceiling or atop cabinets.

Myth #3: I Have to Pay for Installation

Don’t worry—embracing home automation in practical ways does not require ripping out walls or paying for contractors to outfit the space. Unlike in the old days of flipping through laborious technical manuals, many tech companies now place detailed, interactive and searchable manuals online to ease the use of their products. Should you have a problem these guides can’t solve, check YouTube, as the most popular products will often have dozens of videos uploaded by people like you demonstrating their experience with installation and use. Plus, many devices are out-of-the-box friendly and ready for use in just a few steps.

Myth #4: I Must Own My Home

Many products on the market today are simple for renters to uninstall and take with them to their next home. Most home automation devices are as easy to remove as they are to install. Additionally, if you choose to control your various smart home components through a digital hub, ripping a hole in the wall for a panel isn’t necessary. An app-based hub will give you the mobility to take products with you as you move houses, without fearing a landlord’s wrath.

Myth #5: I Have to Be a Tech Wiz

Good news: If you can operate a smartphone, most home automation gadgets were made for you! Years ago, the most advanced products did not play nicely with the customers they were designed for. Now, manufacturers know that to increase adoption of this technology, the interface has to seem familiar and be as effortless to operate as the other technology in our lives. You don’t need a background in computer science to have home automation control energy usage or secure your house.

Home automation doesn’t have to mean a complete home makeover. It’s affordable, easy-to-use and, most importantly, saves you time and money in the long run.

Kelly Schwarze

Kelly Schwarze is a tech geek who shares her knowledge about gadgets and home automation for The Home Depot.  She debunks myths and provides info on how home automation can be affordable.  Visit The Home Depot to find a large selection of smart home products and solutions.

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