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CallFire creates simple text and voice platforms for businesses to use to reach their customers. CallFire’s growth has been tremendous: surpassing the 200,000 user mark, reaching the 200 million campaign mark for executing calls and texts campaigns, and a 100% growth in the past 12 months. Born on the shores of Santa Monica, California, the company is taking its beta-tested Cv3 platform out into the public today.

Job seeking is one of the toughest headaches people face. Employers also have a hard time looking for viable candidates for their company. Pablo Fuentes wants to take those headaches away with the Proven apps. Proven was developed into two apps, one for job seekers and one for employers seeking candidates. Pablo joins TechZulu and talks about Proven, job markets, and the future of mobile.

IndieGoGo has help crowdfund thousands of successful campaigns. One of the more popular campaigns as of now is the new iDoorCam. iDoorCam simply is a doorbell with a camera. As simple is it may sound, the little device is one incredible tech device. The device gives homeowners the ability to see whoever is at their door (day or night) and alert them directly to their mobile phone. The iDoorCam reached its goal within a matter of days, but the campaign is still up for early bird grabs.

IndieGoGo and other crowdfunding sites have been on the rise on becoming the new medium to gain capital for businesses and projects. Many new startups and small businesses are shooting to crowdfund their campaign. But some larger companies, such as Canonical, came to the crowdfunding community to help them fund projects like the Ubuntu Edge. Even if Canonical did not reach its goal, the campaign has given other larger companies to look into crowdfunding other future projects. Kate Drane, hardware category lead at IndieGoGo joins us and talks about IndieGoGo and crowdfunding.

AdRev has been administering music copyrights and monetizing millions of YouTube videos for over two years. They have partnered with major recording labels such as Universal Pictures and Warner/Chappell Production Music. AdRev has claimed and monetized over 10 million YouTube videos for larger parties.

Canonical has launched its crowdfunding campaign for their new phone, the Ubuntu Edge, at IndieGoGo. Backers of the IndieGoGo campaign will be the exclusive owners of the Ubuntu Edge. Ubuntu’s first foray into the mobile ecosystem is kicking up some crazy buzz with both its new mobile OS and the hardware itself.

Chicago- based baseball couple, Chris and Tracy Hayes are the founders of the new flik app. The flik app is a new social video platform developed for the iOS, utilizes short videos for sharing and discovering. Chris and Tracy talk with TechZulu about the flik app, social media, and startup advice.

Adam Kanner is the co-founder and CEO of ScoreBig and has set two goals for the company. One is to help the industry fill unsold seats in a way that it doesn’t hurt their business like traditional discount.

Morgan Rostagnat, Christopher Elwell, and Thibault Mathieu are the brains behind WESAWIT. The mobile app and website that allows people to capture and share images and videos of events through social media. TechZulu catches up with the three to talk about WESAWIT, startups, and the LA scene.

Drew Baumann got his lucky hands on Google’s ongoing project, Google Glass. He saw there was no way to stream videos straight from your Glasses to YouTube and decided to build an app for it. We get in touch with Drew and talk about his new BEAM app, Google Glasses, and the future of tech.