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youtubeAdRev has been administering music copyrights and monetizing millions of YouTube videos for over two years. They have partnered with major recording labels such as Universal Pictures and Warner/Chappell Production Music.  AdRev has claimed and monetized over 10 million YouTube videos for larger parties.  Smaller and independent musicians, labels, and publishers would have to look elsewhere to monetize their content from YouTube.  The services AdRev provided were only available through private, invite-only business.  Recently, AdRev’s services are now available to smaller, indie musicians, publishers, and labels through a self-service platform called Content ID.

independentThere are two ways YouTube videos can be monetized.  One is to upload your own channel and partner either through YouTube or a 3rd party network to generate money through advertisements.  The second is to “claim” videos using your audio, visuals, or both.  Content ID lets musicians, labels, and publishers monetize on all authorized and unauthorized material on YouTube.  Payouts are 100% for original content by musicians and publishers and 80% for 3rd party videos.  SoundCloud has been integrated to help deliver music on to Content ID’s database.

YouTube’s impressively large video database makes it difficult for copyright holders to keep track of authorized and unauthorized use of material, especially without the help of a 3rd party such as AdRev and Content ID.  The digital music industry is an ever-changing landscape and more companies are finding ways to keep up with the fast changes.  Companies like Content ID are paving a way for smaller artists to rightfully claim what is theirs and owing them what they have earned.

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