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Gather all of your creative talents and get to hacking this Friday and Saturday, February 8-9 on what might just be the most viable, essential and disruptive focus of any hackathon…… education. Organized by developer evangelist, Alex Donn of the AT&T Developer Program, in coordination with Real Office Centers and AT&T Aspire, this hackathon invites attendees technical and non-technical to build apps and mobile apps that will disrupt education.

On Saturday February 9, Demo Video Lab is holding a one-day event to teach secrets to successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign. Geared towards artists, entrepreneurs and innovators, crowdfunding is a great way to get any projects off the ground, be it startup, movie, music or invention. It is the most viable way to not only get project funding but more importantly to get customer validation.

Picture your company message on a “Sky Tweet.” With over 100 million viewers, Super Bowl translates to big money for the advertising industry. But how much do you think it would be worth to advertise over the skies of Super Bowl itself?

Today the startup community mourns the death of CEO and co-founder of Ecomom, Jody Sherman. Ecomom is a site for eco-conscious and health minded parents, connecting eco-friend products to responsible consumers.

The popular ‘hacktivist’ organization, Anonymous, has stated in their most recent video that the US Government is now a target to what may very well be their biggest threat of coercion, a WikiLeaks-style exposure to the US government’s sensitive secrets. This is in response to the tragic death of Aaron Swartz, the 28 year-old programmer and founder of Demand Progress who was facing 35 years in prison for allegedly downloading over 4 million illegal documents from JSTOR.

A young visionary with old wisdom whose success is a direct reflection of his intense focus and ability to wholeheartedly overcome challenges from the genuine intention of doing good, Aaron Swartz will forever be remembered as a modern day vigilante leading the battle against the injustice of the government suppressing our rightful freedom of knowledge. This article is not just another report on the case of Aaron Swartz but serves to be a tribute to the life and awe inspiring personality of a complicated, principled, and brilliant man.

Ever have an idea for a great mobile startup but get stuck with just a dream because you have no skills to design or develop it and no money to pay to get it done? Some business people have friends that are designers or developers but most are not so lucky.

Tech Coast Venture Network is rounding up the finest entrepreneurs to compete for $25,000 in cash prize in their Survivor 7 Pitch Competition this Thursday, November 15th. The event will be held in Chapman University and has attracted over 30 companies that have submitted their pitch videos online.

Who ever said you can only have a beach fest in the summer? After the very successful 3-day Silicon Beach Fest this past June 2012 which attracted over 2,000 attendees from LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York, Toronto, and London, Digital LA is bringing it back for a 1-day packed event on November 9th. In coordination with io/LA, Wework, FilmBreak, Pagewoo, and TechZulu, this Silicon Beach Fest is a celebration of LA’s tech startup and entertainment community and will be hosted in the heart of Hoyllywood at io/LA and wework.

AlwaysOn based in Palo Alto, California is hosting its OnHollywood event on October 29 and 30 at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, CA. AlwaysOn will proudly announce the sixth annual OnHollywood 100-the top companies that are disrupting the Hollywood establishment and creating viable business models for the digital entertainment marketplace.