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Just about every Startup at some point and especially if you do not have a designer, is going to need icons to help spruce up those websites. TechZulu caught up with Martin LeBlanc Eigtved Founder and CEO of IconFinder. We dive into the very beginnings of IconFinder, where Matin personal need led him to start the site, to how he was able to fit working on IconFinder into his school projects to finish the site and all the way to where the site is now and where they are heading.

I was recently invited to test out a new service called Lockboxer. Lockboxer is a inventory and pricing service for your possessions. You can read my thoughts about their service on their blog. I asked founder and CEO, Jennifer Moorehead a couple questions about her company., from the makers of Namesake, is a video community sharing platform. After you sign up for an account, super easy if you have a Facebook account, you are taken to a page with available lounges for you to view video. You can also create your own lounge. Each lounge has its own theme based on the videos being shown. Everything from hip hop music videos to entertainment news and gossip, there is sure to be a lounge to suit your taste. I had a chance to interview Brian Norgard, founder of

A number of web services has popped up in recent years that has helped cater to people with busy lives. Zipments is a web service that connects your delivery needs with couriers in your area. I recently spoke with Laura Pecherski and asked her a few questions about Zipments.

The Dollar Shave Club is a new start up that solves a simple but overlooked problem; disposable razor blades are overpriced. Michael Dubin decided to solve this problem. Dollar Shave Club is a online service that delivers high quality disposable razor blades for a low price. For as little as $1 a month, Dollar Shave…continue reading.

With the rise of mobile phones in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it was not hard to get a hold of someone. But what if you want to get a hold of a group of people? And what if a conference call is not an option and you want to get in touch discreetly? Nowadays we have smartphones with email that always on data connections and there are different ways to contact multiple people. We take a look at different group messaging apps to see which app is best.

MeetingBurner is a new startup based out of Orange County that aims to simplify and improve the online meeting experience. MeetingBurner aims “to make meetings faster, easier and more efficient”. I signed up for a beta account to see if their claims are true. While they are currently testing the beta, the sign up process…continue reading.

You get all the basic functionality of the mobile web version but the native application adds push notifications, photo uploading and the ability to create Huddles. The Stream lets you look at everything that is posted from all your different Circles. You can swipe left or right to view Incoming posts or Nearby posts that others have posted publicly. This is useful if you’re in a new city and would like to find out nearby restaurants, shops or other points of interest.

So America’s birthday is right around the corner and most of us will be outside enjoying the summer weather, barbecuing and spending time with our friends and family. Here are some geeky websites, apps and gadgets that should come in useful this holiday weekend.

RescueTime, the makers of a web-based time management tool, has come up with another service aimed to help companies find potential new employees. Touted as the “CarFax report for potential new employees”, RescueTime Introductions promises not to find a candidate that is 100% perfect for a position. Rather, it narrows down the field to a number of potential hires based on a broad range of factors.