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Sep 30, 2011 • Startups
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LockboxerI recently tested a new service called Lockboxer. Lockboxer is a inventory and pricing service for your possessions. You can read my thoughts about their service on their blog. I asked founder and CEO, Jennifer Moorehead a couple questions about her company.

Most services start as a solution to a problem. It seems like Lockboxer was started to solve a problem. Is that how the service came about?

Absolutely. Lockboxer aims to help people with a lot of the problems they have around managing their stuff. They can immediately price out anything they own and then use Lockboxer to sell directly to eBay, record any donations they need to make, or put together a home inventory. Lockboxer started because I knew of a few people, including my sister and her husband, who lost things in a catastrophe (my sister lost a lot of her things in a flood). In those situations, it’s nearly impossible to remember what you owned so it makes it really useful to have a home inventory. We make it really easy to put a home inventory together but then we enhance the value proposition for users because they’re able to actively use that list of things they own to help them manage their stuff.

Two aspects of the service seem unrelated to each other, selling your stuff online and making an inventory of your things. Was this planned all along or did you stumble upon one aspect during the development of the service?

In talking with a lot of different people while putting Lockboxer together I heard again and again that people would like a service to help them put together a home inventory quickly and conveniently. But I also heard that they wanted to be able to use this list to help them with other issues that come up around managing stuff. Let’s say that you recorded information about your TV and couch in your home inventory last year but you’ve just bought a new TV and couch. Lockboxer helps you price out what the old one is worth and then helps you share it with friends or post it on eBay so you can get rid of the old items.

I totally did not even realize this. So the two features are actually related. You recently came out of beta and launched. How has response been?

Lockboxer is still technically in beta but I wanted to share information about our first couple of months with friends of Lockboxer who have been involved with it for the past few months and through the iterations that led to its launch. The response has been very good, I’ve been pleased. We’ve seen a consistent number of people signing up for accounts and who have found the service really useful. We’re now starting our efforts, in addition to our launch to the public, to partner with real estate companies, insurance agents, and moving companies so they can share Lockboxer with their customers.


Creating a home inventory is something that most people should do but don’t take the time to do. A home inventory is necessary when making an insurance claim when something unfortunate happens. Lockboxer provides a vital service that proves invaluable once you actually need it and Lockboxer makes it easy to do so. Check out Lockboxer at www.Lockboxer.com.

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