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Morris May is a computer graphics (CG) film big wig—or at least he was. It is not that Morris is no longer a ‘big wig’ or even an FX supervisor credit for that matter, but rather he splits building ‘ 3D nebulas’ for Reliance Films with surfing. He is not the average computer nerd, one might say.

‘Facebook me,’ ‘tweet it,’ ‘Shazam that;’ in the world of tech, your name is not just a service or brand, it is your verb. The stakes have been raised. The goal is not only to create a brand but rather the hope of becoming everyday jargon referring to the action in which you provide. In the world of social, sharing, and online apps, becoming a verb may be the difference between life and death of a company.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley converged over coffee at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in West Los Angeles for the Digital Hollywood conference to find out what studios and techies are all buzzing about. The conference brings about panelists from across the platforms in film, television, new media and tech.  This rare foggy morning we sat for…continue reading.