Behavior Tracking: How Automation is Changing the Future of Selling

Oct 11, 2016 • Apps & Software, Data
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Business is one of the most dynamic career areas to be involved with. There are always new concepts like market automation coming out and changing the current paradigm. Marketing automation is the notion that you can and will leverage the power of your computing systems in order to set your website and other online properties up to automatically respond or analyze a marketing promotion or a sales contact.

Here are some ways that automation is changing the future of selling:

The Technician Becomes the Guru:

Marketing and sales people are always going to be important to most companies. At the same time, marketing research people that work with computer systems are growing in importance because whether you have a service or a line of products, you are likely in a position where your customers are going to rely on your online offerings in order to get the information that they need to develop an opinion and make a purchase.

Because of this, shaping their experience and creating material that converts understanding into sales is something that strengthens the role that analysts play in the sales process. It is therefore important to get the right staff in place when you start making changes to online automation so that you can ensure that your customers will be properly motivated.

Think AI:

Not all marketing and sales processes utilize artificial intelligence online in order to enhance the user experience for a lower price. Yet when that opportunity exists and it is seamless to the customer, it can make a difference in the price that you pay for maintenance. On the other hand, when you implement process shaping with an element of AI, it is important to avoid unnecessary style faux pas.

Customers that are online are normally savvy regarding processes that are heavily automated. They will likely know if you have content that seems canned or insincere. So whether you are providing business insurance quotes or selling snowmobiles, using AI can help you leverage the power of an quality online presence.

One reason that AI will eventually become important is that it snaps in well to online presentation systems and can be incorporated into every part of the online process for less money that it would take to automate on a grand scale without it. Another major reason that it will start to be favored in the future is that if it is done well in terms of its implementation, it will allow technicians to create more sophisticated environments, increasing your sales.

Measurement is King:

20th century marketing and sales people relied a lot upon feedback that they were able to elicit through personal surveys, polls, and research. Today, because customers do most of their product research online, it is possible to completely measure and analyze their behavior, a marketing feature for companies which was once considered to be the holy grail of market research.

Clients who visit multiple websites that are part of your forest of information for any product that you are marketing online, can also be tracked and analyzed so that their decision-making process is understood by their actions. Quite a change from having to ask online.

Another area of measurement that is important for the future of sales is the development of ROI for your market campaigns and data. Return on investment allows you to manage your system using common sense profitability factors.

In business, if you decide to add email tracking as a process to your marketing department, measuring the costs of your current process and then comparing them to the costs of the process that you are about to bring in and use for tracking email will allow you find out how efficient your vendors are- and how well your company is serving your clients.

Automation is a very important part of the future of selling. By understanding and implementing it when it is relevant to your team, it can save your firm time and money.

David Glenn

David Glenn is a business writer who has been featured on sites like, and He draws from 30 years of experience as a business owner.

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