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Feb 19, 2013 • Business, Culture, Events
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For 5 years, BIL has been a boon for those of us who enjoy learning, socializing with likeminded individuals and playing fun science games without paying a $6000 entrance fee ala TED. In case you haven’t heard, BIL is the tech oriented, community based non-origination that throws an Ad-HOC conference that runs concurrently with TED (March 1-3) every year. From our previous attendee experience, it’s a blast, and also gives those of us involved with LA Tech a chance to meet and get to know each other.

BIL Queen Mary

In previous years, BIL has been held in the bowels of the Queen Mary in the Long Beach Seaport, however, this year BIL has grown its land legs and relocated to the old Z Gallery building in downtown Long Beach. If you aren’t familiar with the location, the Z Gallery building is one of the oldest buildings in DT Long Beach and flaunts wide open spaces and a sense of luxury.

BIL Conference

BIL sets itself apart from other LA Tech conferences by encouraging its attendees to participate in any and every way they can imagine. BIL has an open speaker list board, which allows everyone to sign up and vote on who gets to speak, attendees even get to speak themselves if they so desire. The unconventional, unconference style makes BIL a wonderful interdisciplinary resource that aides in a cross pollination of ideas.

In addition to the talks, BIL will be hosting parties, cocktail hours, dances and an excess of other social activities. Because BIL2013 is open to the public, the tickets will sell out fast, so be sure to check out their site and register as soon as you can. TechZulu will be in attendance, we hope to see you there.

Jordan Goodson

Jordan can frequently be found either studying for his next certification or tinkering with his latest tech acquisition. Whether it's Wi-Fi, VR, Networking or 3D Printing, Jordan's eyes are on the latest and greatest.

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