Anthony Zito joined mediaFORGE as a seasoned executive in 2005 and continues to provide vision and direction to the mediaFORGE team. Prior to his involvement with mediaFORGE, Zito managed and grew several successful technology businesses including Precision Data Link (President and Co-founder), acquired by The Profit Recovery Group, and (Co- founder and CEO), acquired…continue reading.

Gigya is the leading widget and social technologies company, serving brand advertisers, media companies, and widget developers. Gigya’s content sharing and advertising platform helps publishers and advertisers increase reach and engagement, distributing widgets to any platform and providing powerful social features to any website.   Interviewee: Ben Pashman

Robert Bellano is a leader in the executive recruitment industry. He’s conducted senior-level executive searches for more than two decades, and has successfully completed over 20 Board of Director assignments. He focuses on large, global technology accounts as well as pre-IPO, California-based technology companies, and regularly represents over 20 venture capital firms, 30 private equity…continue reading.

Buzztone is a marketing company that believes in the power of consumers-part-cultural soothsayer, and part-savvy strategist.  They solve the many challenges of marketing in the non-traditional space.  They do many kinds of marketing that satisfies the different challenges a company may have, from launching, rebranding, to even a concept. At the end of the day…continue reading.

This is a guest post written by Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy Celebrity author Sarah Lacy was a guest to a Drinks 2.0 that I organized on Mixergy. Since TechZulu was the media sponsor, we were able to get her on camera and do a quick interview with her. Some of the areas we covered:…continue reading.

At Staubach, they increase your distribution efficiencies and speed-to-market as well as lower your overall costs of operations by 20%. They can minimize your risks, reduce business interruptions and save you, on average, 15 hours per week in supply chain management. Their “turn key” approach, when combined with Staubach’s core services, eliminates the headaches associated…continue reading.

Launch 10 started as an idea between a bunch of closely networked people who had previously worked together on various projects and startups. The idea is basic, take the 10 best, but simple ideas we can come up with and kick them out over the span of 1 year. Their business model forces us to…continue reading.

Unlike other web conference products, Dimdim does not require users to install software on their computers to attend web meetings. Users can start or join meetings with just a few clicks. Dimdim is available for free so everyone – not just big companies with big budgets – can use it. And Dimdim is available as…continue reading.

Stowe Boyd Bio: “I am best known these days for my writing (and the thinking behind it, I hope) at /Message, hence the /Messengers. I am obsessed with social tools, and their impact on business, media, and society. I coined the term “social tools” in 1999, the same year I started blogging, and I haven’t…continue reading.

Adrie, Roeland and Marion had started work on their second book which was about Entrepreneurship (Adrie and Marion’s first, The N Factor, was published earlier in 2007) and whilst writing they set up a little website where they could share info and ask for feedback by other entrepreneurs for their new book. It proved to…continue reading.