TechZulu mingled with Minggl and gots an inside scope of what they have in-store for us at Twiistup 4.  Here is a little description of what Minggl is: “Minggl is moving freely around the web while staying connected to multiple social networks. The Minggl toolbar monitors your networks for key events and friend activity…continue reading.

  TechZulu catches up with Compulsion, which is a Twiistup 4 Showoff, and they give us an update on how they are preparing for the event and what they will be showing off. For those of you who do not know what Compulsion is, here is a brief description: “Compulsion is a simple, easy to…continue reading.

  TechZulu catches up with the Twiistup 4 showoff LOUD3R, and we got updates on what they have in-store for us.  For those who do not know what LOUD3R is or what they do, here is a little description: “We scour thousands of sites, sift through the spam, the splogs, and all the other junk…continue reading.

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Over the past few months, there has been a tremendous amount of buzz talking about social media. As an entrepreneur, I hear about this term bounced around a lot and even I might not feel comfortable with this new buzz term just yet. But Techzulu’s Amanda Coolong, sat down with Liz Heller, CEO of Buzztone…continue reading.

Software previously installed on personal computers is being shifted or extended to be accessible via the Internet. The term for this is “cloud computing”. In the cloud, you run your application on one (or many) virtual computers. The advantages to this approach include reduced up front hardware costs, reduced maintenance and administrative costs, the ability…continue reading.

Getting ready for Twiistup 4, Big Stage, one of the premiere showoffs takes the time out to speak with us and give us an update on what they have in the works for the event on July 17th at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, CA.  For those of you who do not know who…continue reading.

About a few months ago, Techzulu covered a company lcoal called Phonevite, a mass messaging service that tells your friends, colleagues or anyone with a phone announcements. The mass messaging space is interesting because telling your friends about events, news and etc is more personal than alerting them by email. That’s so 90’s. By using…continue reading.

As we get ready for Twiistup 4, one of Southern California’s Premier event for showing off your company to the tech world, we’re doing a round robin of interviews of all the showoffs. One of the companies that we covered earlier is Tools to Life. To recap, Tools to Life is a life coaching social…continue reading.

Phonevite is one of the Twiistup 4 showoffs