At Techzulu we get the amazing opportunity to attend and participate in events that focus on building and exploring new business opportunities.  With ImTech’s “Era of Experience” night, the focus was on the building of not just businesses and projects, but the expansion of a whole new industry. The term Immersive technology refers to technologies…continue reading.

Join us from UCLA Korn Hall for Digital LA’s Branded Entertainment panel right here on TechZulu. They’ll discuss how content creators and brands work together to create, develop, and market digital branded entertainment.

BlogWorld in NYC? That’s right folks, BlogWorld and New Media Expo have left their old stomping grounds in Las Vegas to venture on to a new chapter. BlogWorld is now being held in New York City in May and Los Angeles in November. Now you get a double dose of BlogWorld awesome in a year!

This instalment of the TZ Startup Hotseat is with Jeff Morris Marketing Strategist with Zaarly. Zaarly recently won Startup Weekend LA and have been on fire ever since. Let’s put Jeff in the Hot Seat and see how he does. First however, I would like to point out that LA is 3rd on the list of rollout cities.

This weeks TZ Startup Hot Seat featured Justin Kan of Socialcam and Justin is most known for broadcasting his life 24/7. In 2007, Justin Kan stopped broadcasting and relaunched into its current form as a network of thousands of various channels. Based on the research they have done with their release of the iPhone app, Socialcam was born.

During our interview with PepsiCo’s Bonin Bough at South by Southwest Interactive, the company’s director of global social media enthusiastically called the conference the “Davos of Digital.” Bough explains,

This weeks TZ Startup Hot Seat features the team at Daqri. Brian Mullins and team agreed to answer our questions and tell us why Daqri will change the Augmented Reality space.

TechZulu and Walker Corporate Law Group have come together to bring you the must know legal mistakes you could be making when building your startup.

This week in the TZ Startup Hot Seat is Andy Wilson, CEO of Graphight which he considers “the ultimate networking tool.” By aggregating all of your existing address books and professional networks, it tracks who you know and how well you know them so that you can systematically enhance the value of your business network. Let’s take a look at Andy’s answers:

The third installment of TZ Startup Hot Seat features Michael Schneider of Mobile Roadie . Michael is a man of few words however his platform speaks volumes to businesses and consumers that want to make inexpensive apps. Let’s take a look at Michael’s answer