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Feb 04, 2014 • CES, Events, Gadgets, Headphones
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dtsThe new DTS Headphone X sounds like some kind of super hero, but in reality, it’s a formula for an amazing audio experience. DTS is working their magic to bring a new surround sound experience through any device.

I experienced the Headphone X demo firsthand at this year’s CES.  From every direction and space, the sounds coming from the headphones perfectly imitated the 11.1 surround system.  Headphones are obviously a weaker tech compared to speakers, but with the 3D spatial and directional sound space DTS programmed, headphones can close the gap on speakers much sooner than expected.  Headphone X is not headphone-specific – any kind of headphones can be used to pair up with Headphone X.

Listening in great detail coming from every angle was definitely an eye opener. Companies like Panasonic, SkullCandy, and Republic of Friends have already hopped on the Headphone X bandwagon and will be fine tuning their headphones for a clearer experience. Chinese mobile company Vivo is even using Headphone X in its newer phones for a 7.1 surround experience.

headphoneWatching a music video or The Wolverine trailer in Headphone X created a remarkably better experience through mobile devices. The demo let you switch Headphone X on and off to hear the difference.  I’d say it was a 7.1 experience rather than the full, extravagant 11.1, but the tech is still something I want on my mobile devices.

Phones and tablets will definitely need bigger batteries to accommodate the entire Headphone X audiophiles. DTS is hoping many more companies will be gathering their license to offer Headphone X on their systems in the near future. It’s the perfect system for mobile devices, in a time when the audio department is severely lacking.

I didn’t know what to expect from DTS when I first entered their booth at CES, but they quickly changed my perception on how and why audio is key to everything we watch. I definitely recommend spoiling your ears with high quality sound through Headphone X.

Alex Bae

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