Founders Fund and Peter Thiel Inject $28M into Asana

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This morning Dustin Moskovitz announced that Asana had got a $28 million investment from Peter Thiel and Founders Fund. Welcoming Thiel to their Board of Directors.

Moskovitz said they have admired and respected Founders Fund and loved their commitment to building teams to improve lives.

Asana was launched early November last year as new way of working that keeps teams in sync, a shared task list where everyone can capture, organize, track, and communicate what they are working on in service of their common goal. Asana promise to save time away from the full email inbox filled with spam mails. Asana also saves on time wasted in meetings. The team believes that by using Asana more can be done and faster.

According to reports Asana is now valued at $280 million after the $28M investment. Peter Thiel also joins Asana’s Board of Directors as a member. Asana is proud to have him on their board to join Andreessen-Horowitz, and Mitch Kapor and other existing investors and invaluable advisors. Moskovitz said,”We plan to use the capital primarily to grow our team: hiring the world’s best designers, engineers, and other contributors is by far the most important thing we do”.

Asana is the most interesting re-imagination of collaboration since email itself, and Founders Fund is excited to be a part of the company as they radically overhaul the way teams work together. They have a clear vision and a missionary zeal that makes us confident they are building something that can change the world.”

Asana serves team from diverse industries, including medical research, mobile networks, professional sports, political campaigns and of course, software and web development. In April, Asana launched its paid Premium Workspaces, to enable larger teams expand their adoption of Asana.

Asana’s Inbox, helps companies to reduce time spent in email causing “work about work” which has since been received incredibly.

Asana claims to becoming the center of people’s work. In the past 4 months Asana reports that the number of tasks tracked in Asana had doubled from 9 million to 18 million. It believes it is out to help the world as it can increase an organization’s capacity to achieve its potential by only 1%, let alone double or 10 times more.

Moskovitz said,” It’s still early, but we’re encouraged by the progress we’re seeing — adding Founders Fund and Peter to our team is another great step in helping us achieve our goal”.

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