Giving with a twist: 3 online platforms that are changing the way we gift

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The days of giving people practical, useful gifts they might really need are over. Most of us over here in the western world of commerce buy everything we need and want for ourselves, so gift-givers need to start getting creative with their presents.

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Living far away from loved ones is no longer an excuse not to get them an awesome gift when those special occasions come around.

The following online platforms just like the hoteudeals are making it easy to give personal, memorable presents from anywhere in the world.


Forget making someone’s day, you can make their whole life with Tinggly’s collection of amazing experiences.

The online store for the world’s greatest experience offers gift-buyers a range of gift-boxes to choose from. They each contain a collection of activities and trips, the cheapest box set, which costs £59 ($72 USD), offers 180 activities and the most expensive, at £199 ($244 USD), has over 340 activities. The recipient gets to choose the activity they like the most, and they have up to two years to make that decision.

Tinggly’s collection include bucket list-style activities such as swimming with sharks in Indonesia, home-cooking in Gambia and horseback riding in California. With most of the world covered, Tinggly’s map will show you experiences near you or tempt you to travel somewhere you’ve never been before.

Snappy gifts

Some people are particularly picky in their tastes, making it extremely hard for anyone to feel 100% sure they’ll like their gift.

If you’re not sure what gift to buy your friend or family, Snappy will help you. Instead of choosing the exact present, you just need to decide on a theme for your gift. Snappy offers hand curated gift collections from cooking utensils to gadgets. After the gift buyer has chosen a theme and budget range, the recipient will receive a text or email with the recommendation. They can either give your recommendation the thumbs-up, or swipe to view and select another option from the personalized collection.

“We allow people to save the time and hassle of searching for a gift without having to settle for a meaningless and boring gift card,” explains CEO and Co-Founder, Hani Goldstein. “By combining the traditional thoughtfulness of gifting with all the convenient advantages of a gift card, Snappy creates a simple, personalized solution, ensuring that unwanted gifts and uncomfortable returns are a thing of the past.


SendItLater is the online gift-giving platform that lets anyone from busy college students to soldiers deployed overseas, deliver a special gift to the people they care about.

By scheduling the delivery, gift-buyers can get their gift sorted well-ahead of time and feel safe in the knowledge it will arrive at the right place at the right time. SendItLater offers a range of different products easily searchable through brand (including Tinggly, Beanstock and Overstock), price and category filters.

“Choosing a gift is a pain-point for a lot of people – you have to put aside time to go shopping or surf the web, and then face the pressure of buying the perfect gift,” said SendItLater COO Joshua Paredes.

These online gifting stores are turning gift-buying into a smoother, more straight-forward operation and less stressful for those prone to panicking over finding the perfect gift.

Oliver Griffin

Oliver Griffin is a Staff Writer at Publicize, which is a startup aiming to change the way companies approach PR. Publicize has worked with a dozen+ Y Combinator startups and leading brands such as Hallmark Cards.

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