GraphEffect Unveils Social Network for Marketers With API

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GraphEffect today unveiled the latest version of its social network for marketers with an open API for developers. GraphEffect  is a collaboration platform for social marketers  which had only been available to large marketing partners including American Express, Toyota, Estee Lauder, Clorox, and Samsung.

Venture Funding

GraphEffect was founded in 2010, and has raised over $14 million in financing from venture capital firms including Lerer Ventures, Thrive Capital, Founder Collective, Rincon Venture Partners, CrossCut Ventures and Baroda Ventures.

It enables marketing firms to work together on a variety of functions including planning, content creation, analysis, social advertising.

Developers API

GraphEffect’s API previously limited to select developers, is opening to the public and will enable developers to bring additional best-in-class tools to marketers.

GraphEffect CEO and Co-Founder James Borow pointed that marketing has evolved dramatically over the past few years and social networks have also affected the way people live and interact but stressed that the way marketers do their jobs has not.

GraphEffect’s Goal

He said, “Our goal is to disrupt the marketing ecosystem by building the platform that brings all the different parties together and helps marketers work together smarter.”

Noah Mallin, Vice President and Group Director of Social Marketing at integrated brand agency Digitas also reminisces the changes in the field.

Mallin said, “In social, the walls between paid, owned, and earned are crumbling – this is the most advanced tool I’ve seen for brands to manage this new environment collaboratively with their agencies.”

GraphEffect will make the marketers work smarter. It will allow them design,strategize,advertise,plan or just keep everyone on the same page. The firm says its social marketing reworked.


GraphEffect has a section for Teams – to keep everyone on the same page. The section allows collaboration with coworkers, agencies, vendors, or anyone you do business with near or far.

The Sidebar – is for private conversations . The Sidebars allow one to ask a question or get clarification in the context of the original thread and communicate privately with only the people you want to talk to.

Follow Ups – Keep track of the important things. Follow Ups help you remember what you need to do later without taking you away from what you are working on now.

Apps section help you to use different tools to get the job done like document editing, social marketing,project management and analytics. The Apps are integrated with collaboration features of the platform and enable one to do work together.

Impact of Social Networking to Marketing

Borow says GraphEffect social network for marketers will strengthen collaboration, both within and between companies (think advertising and social media marketing agencies) and amongst teams building ads (brands, media buyers, creatives – and digital ad campaign teams).

Similar to Facebook’s ability to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers through simple unprecedented communication, Borow says GraphEffect is pulling together the once-distanced brand clients and hired agencies. Providing a much needed solution for the total mess of communication between brands, advertisers, creatives and buyers that has plagued the industry, and is critical to the survival of any digital publisher or social media platform (think the magnifying glass on Facebook’s need to shift ad rev from desktop to mobile).

He adds, “Medium‘s launch last week is a perfect example of new publishing platforms evolving and brands scrambling on how to advertise effectively across them. GraphEffect has the ability to save social marketing. Their goal is to fill that communication void and be the bedrock of enterprise collaborative software.”

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