Incase you weren’t one of the lucky 250 people to get tickets to tonight’s MindShare. We are streaming the keynotes live at starting around 9-930pm Also at tonight’s event I will be doing a Microsoft Tag Treasure Hunt! If you are attending you can find the buried treasure through tags. People who find at…continue reading.

Get it on your phone at from your mobile phone. The software gives you faster searching on your Windows Mobile device, with easy access to your favorite Google applications from the Today screen. Following last week’s big news introducing Google Sync for Windows Mobile (and iPhone), Google’s finally decided to loop Windows Mobile users…continue reading.

Don’t drain yourself and try to be an expert in every aspect of a business.  Sometimes recognizing your weaknesses and focusing on your strengths can just rocket your business to a whole new level.  Finding a partner that is just as passionate about your company can be tricky but when you do, it sure can…continue reading.

The Hash is the nice charcter “#” that we sometimes see in urls.It can be easly used as a parameter start point in your urls. Why do you care? Well the “Big 3? search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) broke big news last week with the announcement they will support a Canonical URL tag to…continue reading.

The official name is Windows Marketplace for Mobile, rather than the codename SkyMarket as mentioned before in this blog. Unfortently it is only available for 6.5 initially i believe and not will be available to consumers in the second-half of 2009.. According to Mobile Services General Manager Bart Wojciehowski. Windows market place rich and integrated…continue reading.

Guest Post by Brooks Bayne of That’s What He Said Last night, fellow Los Angeleno, Jason Calacanis (@jasoncalacanis) tweeted about several folks acquiring 30k+ new followers in 6 days. I know Jason pays attention to numbers since part of his business is watching the numbers. Jason’s an industry leader using SEO to promote his business,…continue reading.

Well sort of ….Here is the pics that have been showing you already but this time not leaked. So first the bad News. No current phone will be upgraded. No phone will have the OS till Q4 09..WTF Good News IE mobile seems to be improved , but let’s face it, it’s not as if…continue reading.

Microsoft debuted Microsoft Recite at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Recite is a note taking and search application for Windows Mobile phones that lets you record a voice message, then retrieve the messages later using pattern recognition technology (see video below). The main problem with voice notes has always been retrieval. If…continue reading.

Mike Macadaan does it again and packs this Twiistup’s biggest venue at Hanger 8 in Santa Monica, CA, with 1,000 techies from around the US.  The Bright lights matched the bright faces of all the energized entrepreneurs showing-off their companies all around the hanger with enthused attendees to learn about their products.  Twiistup has quite…continue reading.

  PhotoSynth Microsoft’s most awesome 3D Photo View received a update.You may have seen some great news on this product around the presidential inauguration. Some great work has been done by Bret Mulvey, Ben Vanik & Mark Dawson over at the photosynth. The have gotten the point cloud working in the Silverlight viewer and I…continue reading.