E3 2009 was jammed packed with all sorts of gaming industry goodies.  And TechZulu and GirlGamer were there covering some of the hottest games announced which can be found in our video section.  Along with our coverage we’ve included some of the top coverage from E3 from other sources as well. If you missed some…continue reading.

Los Angeles, CA – June 8, 2009 – Twiistup, Southern California’s premier event showcasing innovation and connecting professionals from the worlds of technology, media and entertainment, has officially opened ticket sales and revealed a list of confirmed speakers for the newly expanded two-day program, taking place on Thursday and Friday, July 30 and 31, 2009…continue reading.

  Batman: Arkham Asylum is a riveting action game that pits you against many foes from the Dark Knight’s rogue’s gallery, but especially the Joker. This isn’t the serious though demented clown you might remember from the movie. Nope. This is the full-on, acid shooting, slim but deadly purple clown from the comics. All the…continue reading.

MAG is a huge, multiplayer, first-person-shooter frag-fest that will probably sell copies because of the number of players that can simultaneous play the same match: 256. The potential for gigantic matches between skilled players, each side coordinating its own tactical strikes, is awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, nothing like that was seen on the show floor. While 256…continue reading.

Microsoft may have owned June 1st with its announcement of Project Natal and Xbox Live’s social media integration, but that doesn’t mean Sony’s out of the game. June 2nd, Sony made a few surprising announcements that left even this Xbox lover shellshocked. First on the table: Final Fantasy XIV Most of us have been drooling…continue reading.

This post was written by Andrew Seely of GirlGamer TechZulu and GirlGamer partner up for E3 to bring you lots of interviews, previews, and much more. Be sure to be checking back often as we are able to put up interviews with developers and game companies as they show off the latest and greatest games…continue reading.

Quick, go sign up before they come to their senses! Ok, so I can’t actually back that title up with any actual evidence, but when Microsoft pulls a Jack Napier and starts throwing money on the people of Gotham, you assume something is up. Regardless, they’re handing out free subscriptions to TechNet Plus – which…continue reading.

Microsoft has announced a brand new Xbox 360 peripheral, codenamed Project Natal. There’s no controller; Project Natal senses your body movements using a new kind of camera tech to sense depth and detect motion. Sound familiar? Unlike previous console cameras, Project Natal can read full-body motion, projecting complex body movements into a game. The additional…continue reading.

I had the chance to try Bing already, and I must say I am very surprised!! Bing is the rebranding of Live Search, but it is far from just a facelift. It is a whole new concept. Microsoft introduce Bing not as another search engine (Bing Is Not Google, BING!) but as a decision engine,…continue reading.

TechZulu has a treat for all you gamer fans out there.  Four lucky winners will win a ticket to an invite only event being held during E3 by Digital Media Wire called the Nordic Game & Film Lounge June 2-3.  Check out the site and see who you get to Rub elbows with by clicking…continue reading.