Twiistup 7 is coming up soon and you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to be part of one of Los Angeles premiere tech events.  So if you are a start-up (no matter where you may be located) here is the link you want to be clicking (apply to be a showoff here)…continue reading.

  When I first heard about it Zemanta I was a bit skeptical.  The ability for me to no longer have to go out and look for creative common material and just have it appear in a plug-in next to my blog post as I’m writing it does seem too good to be true, right? …continue reading.

This year BlogWorld Expo Image by BenSpark via Flickr 09 had to be the best one yet.  The attendance was phenomenal and the diversity was oh so refreshing.  From Mommy bloggers to Army bloggers no one niche from the blogosphere was unaccounted for at BlogWorld Expo 09.  TechZulu has a sweet lineup of interviews coming…continue reading.

Ever get suspicious when that new someone you’re dating is sparing on the details about their own background? Sure, you could Twitter stalk them, scan their Facebook page or Google them, but all that takes time and isn’t very useful when he’s closing out the tab and you’re deciding whether or not to…take things a…continue reading.

If you don’t know what Twitter is, chances are you’re not on the Internet, and not reading this post. When all’s said and done, the winner for the fastest growing Internet phenomenon of 2009 will go to the little blue bird that has everyone in Media buzzing about with uncertainty and joy, both at the…continue reading.

Calling all Grads and Undergrads!  If you are interning at any start-up company chances are that you have heard of the 140 Character Conference put on Jeff Pulver that is going to be held at the Kodak Theater this coming week Oct. 27-28.  According to Jeff Pulver since 1997 he has always granted free access…continue reading.

The world of Doctor’s visits is surely due for an upgrade and the Wound Technology Network is the company aiming to do it.  The Wound Technology Network (WTN) is a nationwide Physician network that uses Windows Mobile-based phones to remotely give wound care.  George Pollack COO of WTN said to us that “Being hospitalized can…continue reading.

During CTIA 09 we caught up with a local Southern California company known as Roambi.  Roambi takes those complex documents like spreadsheets and turns them into interactive visualizations such as graphs, charts, etc.  Making it much easier to analyze and view the large amount of data on your iPhone.  You will need to upload your…continue reading.

Tonight at 7pm PST we will be live streaming (click here to watch live) the SMCLA Games Go Social and the Real Player SP Panel.  Don’t miss out on this one!  With all of the major console and PC video game companies in Los Angeles (Electronic Arts, Activision, THQ, Blizzard), it only makes sense to…continue reading.

Tubefilter is an awesome local Southern California start-up company to get all of your web TV news from and now with the acquisition of Tilzy.TV we can look forward to even more great content.  Congrats to the team and their expansion.  Below is the press release with all the deets: LOS ANGELES, CA (October 19,…continue reading.