Spotlight on Social Annex (Presenting Company at Spotlight: LA Tech)

Nov 21, 2010 • Events, Spotlight, Startups, Video
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The Company:

Social Annex creates “Social software” that plugs into eCommerce sites and helps monetize Social Media as an online marketing channel for them.

eCommerce (excluding travel) is a 150 Billion dollar market projected to grow at 10% each year to 220 Billion by 2015. 20% of this (30 Billion) is spent on online marketing primarily on paid search, SEO, email marketing and affiliate marketing to drive traffic and sales for eCommerce. All of these online marketing tactics are extremely competitive. No wonder it would save you tons of time if you’ve read tutorials like affiliate marketing for beginners.

At the same time, the influence of Facebook and Twitter is growing rapidly and eCommerce sites are rushing to figure out how they can use Social Media as an effective customer/sales acquisition channel. Social Annex provides a social software platform that allows them to monetize and track this effectively.

Social Annex widgets plug right into eCommerce sites with 1 line of code and allow them to recognize their influential visitors and make these influential visitors market to their friends/followers on behalf of the site to drive quality referral traffic back to the site.

The Spotlight:

  1. Recognized the market need by working with eCommerce sites on a consulting basis and then created a product out of it
  2. Knowledge of the industry helped in shaping the product and technology
  3. How big is the market for Social Annex
  4. How are we planning to solve a problem that no one else has yet

Efren Toscano

Efren Toscano founded TechZulu in the heart of Southern California: Orange County. Focused on providing a platform to showcase all that is happening here in the tech and media space. TechZulu is rapidly growing to be the hub for Southern California technology companies news source. Efren has been chosen as one of LA Weekly's People of 2009 and selected as a Top 20 MostPublic Individuals in Los Angeles in Tech and Biz by NowPublic. He divides his time between San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and tech events around the US.

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