Startup Nights Brings Co-working to Late Night

Dec 01, 2010 • Entrepreneurship, Events, Startups
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If you’re an LA entrepreneur and have not been to Coloft yet, you’re seriously missing out. Located just a few blocks from 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, this co-working space has evolved into the central meeting place for the Los Angeles startup scene. Avesta Rasouli and Cameron Kashani founded Coloft with the hopes of building an incredible environment for creative and technical talent to work, without having to spend an arm and a leg on office space. And, it seems that there’s no better event that highlights this goal than Startup Nights.

Startup Nights is an event that brings together a small group of entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers, and startup folks to co-work the night away. Housed in the creative Coloft space, Startup Nights began this past May and has turned into part demo pit…part networking opportunity…and part get-your-hustle-on session.

Folks arrive around 7pm, grab a drink and pizza, mingle, and then get down to business. SN Organizer Tyler Koblasa (Co-founder of and Startup Weekend Organizer) mentions on the invite, “this will be a serious night of working, brainstorming, strategizing, coding, creating – bring your laptop.” So clearly, no bs allowed :)

To also provide a more formal feedback forum, the Demo Pit starts around 10pm. Folks have the opportunity to present projects that they’re working on, get a bit of Q&A action, and even solicit help on some aspects of the project.

As you can imagine, it’s really the people in attendance that fuel the event – you’ll find founders of hot LA startups, founders of fledgling startups, executives from major media companies, freelance developers, and even the occasional Startup Weekend groupie. And in typical Coloft fashion, the event is a collaborative work session designed for “infectious energy, ambition, and an amazing community.”

With only 35 invites per session, SN has emerged as one of the most popular startup events in town. Startup Nights 2.0 is tomorrow (Thursday) night and is already max’ed out. But to stay posted on upcoming Startup Nights events, be sure to join Startup Nights Meetup group and follow @startupnights.


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