Vievu² Goes To Indiegogo | Building The First Wi-Fi Wearable Video Cameras

Sep 20, 2013 • Cameras, Gadgets
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vievu2-product-shot-003Wearable video camera firm, VIEVU, has started an Indiegogo campaign to release a new compact, feature rich, hands free, HD live streaming wearable camera dubbed VIEVU2 (VēVū Squared).

Ships this November

Expected to commercially ship this November, VIEVU2 is  the first wearable Wi-Fi video camera. It is designed for “Prosumers”/professional workforce, and is rugged and waterproof with military grade casing. It streams real-time HD video and connects to a Smartphone or Wi-Fi network.

The VIEVU Smartphone App pairs the camera to a users smartphone  as a viewfinder and also allows them to edit, add filters and titles then upload to preferred share sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Users can also email, text, or store videos on the phone or in a DropBox account without need of a desktop computer.

Ease of use

“At VIEVU our sole focus is to make the best body worn video cameras on the market. Our six years have led us to learn something important; there are others out there that need the same technology of body worn cameras in their jobs and daily activities to offset liability in their life. The VIEVU² (Squared) is our Prosumer version designed to exceptional standards using the best seamless technology to manage and share your videos,” Steve Ward, VIEVU CEO and Founder.

However, Vievu is not just for law enforcement. The firm added that today’s workplace requires factual accuracy in documenting the workday. Wearable video technology proves erroneous claims, helps users make informed decisions, and protects one’s business. It can be used by the cop on the street, security professional or the human resource dept.

80% marketshare

VIEVU is not new in business. It has built cameras for the PRO, meeting tough demands of the police and military markets and is used by over 3000 agencies in 15 countries.

Vievu² “PROsumers” gain access to the same military-grade technology high-end security personnel have been using for past six years. It can also be used for the workplace or adventure.

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