SnapMyAd Wants You To Monetize Your Instagram Pics

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SnapMyAdSnapMyAd is an iOS app that allows Instagram users to monetize their smartphone photos if they let brands use them in their promotional campaigns.  The free iOS app connects consumers with their favorite brands on Instagram and rewards them for their best Instagram photos. Consumers have complete control over which brands they interact with, for what perk or reward and which photos they are willing to exchange for those brand perks.

TechZulu contacted Josh and Yvette Lee, SnapMyAd developers,  based in New Holland, PA and here is what inspired them.

What Made You Want to Build SnapMyAd?

We came up with the idea of SnapMyAd last year. After snapping a photo of the plane, we had a nagging feeling that something was missing. We uploaded the photo to Instagram and Facebook, told our friends and family what an amazing flying experience we had, touting the airline, yet we missed the interaction with the brand itself and any response or kickback for their recommendation and advertising on their behalf. The relationship felt one sided. That’s when we thought we could do something and SnapMyAd was born.

Have you received any funding yet?

No, we are currently self funded but entertaining offers.

How does it work?

Users connect their Instagram account with SnapMyAd. Scroll through available promotions and perks and submit their photo either from their camera roll or via Instagram by tagging their photo with a designated hashtag. Photo submissions are voted by way of “likes” and the winner with the most likes gets the perk and the brand gets use of that photo. If a brand would like to use a picture that didn’t win the promotion, SnapMyAd simply puts the brand and user in touch to arrange a perk exchange.

How many users so far?

Averaging 500-750 new users a week and over a 1000 photo submissions a week.

What is your 2 year plan for SnapMyAd?

In the next 2 years we would love to become part of a lifestyle. We envision consumers buying products, attending events, going on vacation and reflexively posting photos on our platform to show off, recommend, and enter in to win perks and earn rewards. Whether this is taking place in store, at an event, or at a specific location, we hope to become as second nature as snipping coupons, collecting gift cards, and earning loyalty rewards.

What problem does SnapMyAd solve?

We feel SnapMyAd solves a huge problem in the advertising and digital space — by providing a safe way for brands to crowdsource user generated experiences and images to create transparent, authentic ads that people trust.

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