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Mar 02, 2012 • Apps, Startups
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There was that one night…or was it another night? You just remember you met someone nice and had a great time with. But you can’t seem to remember the details. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for that? I mean it’s tough to carry a black leather book in todays “fashionable” tight jeans. So good news there is an app out there! Meet today’s “little black book,” an updated, digital book that keeps track of one’s most private affairs. A play on an old classic, this reinterpretation of the Little Black Book now allows those with hungry appetites to keep track and store our most intimate moments.

This new mobile application allows its owner to privately and securely save details of their sexual encounters. Adding what Little Black Book calls ‘rendezvous’ is brilliantly easy and storing intimate details of each rendezvous is fun and effortless.

Every black book comes with a passcode system (thankfully), a dashboard that tracks total rendezvous over time (an important metric for the analyticals in life), date, locations, and details of each encounter. And of course there’s a built in rating system so you can 5 star those unbelievable rendezvous.

With that passcode system there’s a secure backup that ensures all your informatino is always recoverable in the event the iPhone is lost, stolen (probably from an ex…watch out!) or upgraded.

The idea came about after founder, Jonathan Eppers, found himself constantly fending off questions from friends about his adventures. “As we all do, we share details of our hook ups with our close friends. I got tired of remembering who I had hooked up with, what we did and where we did it. I basically built the Little Black Book for myself.” Jonathan’s passion for building great consumer products at MySpace and most recently for eHarmony can be seen in the Little Black Book. “I wanted a very beautiful, simple and classy way to store these intimate details. I’m really proud of we put together in just under a month.”

Jonathan teamed up with friends Stace Baal & Tim Watson to develop the little Black Book. “Stace and I have been wanting to do something together for awhile. I met Tim through a fraternity brother and he had just sold an iPhone application to Purdue University so I knew he would do a great job.”

So…who’s in your black book?

Download the Little Black Book today from the Apple iTunes store.

Kyle Ellicott

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