3 Business Tips to Keeping Your Online Data Secure

Dec 18, 2015 • Business, Data
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There have been many changes in the business world over the past few decades. One of the biggest changes has been how many businesses store their confidential information. The traditional methods of storing corporate information historically have involved a local network, wide area network, a standalone computer, or storage device such as a flash drive. Even though most businesses still use these traditional forms of data storage, new methods for storing data have come on the scene in recent years. One of the most popular is online data storage.

Security in the Digital World

With the popularity of the modern Internet, many companies have moved a significant amount of their efforts online to accommodate current customers and attract new customers. The primary business tool that is used online for these efforts is the business website.

Beyond the basic websites that are used by some enterprises, there are corporations that use their websites as an extended arm of business operations. These websites are used typically for many of the same purposes as physical locations such as accepting payments, making purchases, entering customer information, storing customer information, customer service, and a variety of other business related operations.

No matter the industry a business is in, data governance and security is very important. However, the importance of data security is even more vital regarding online data because the data is accessible from almost any location. The storage of the data on a host system for a website leaves business data vulnerable to many threats. One of the biggest threats are hackers who constantly look for online victims. Hackers attempt to break into systems for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons typically involves stealing data such as customer credit card information.

Important Security Measures

Companies are ultimately responsible for protecting their own data, both online and offline. Stolen data can lead to a variety of problems ranging from public humiliation to financial distress. Then security is also very important indeed, so you should definitely use a service to ensure you have the right security controls in place. Moreover, as a result, businesses should implement solid security precautions and solid security practices to protect online business data.

For companies that have valuable online business data, the security of this data should be a major priority. So many businesses are now also using virtual offices to get prime postal addresses, they also offer added privacy so are a great idea. There are many things that businesses both large and small can do to protect their online data. Some of the most popular include:

  1. Implement and maintain a solid firewall for all website and computer networks utilized by the business.
  2. Make sure that the business website or websites are secure and do not have any current vulnerabilities regarding security that can allow hackers to break into the business systems. You can use devsecops vulnerability management software for additional security.
  3. Password protect all network operations and assign user names and passwords to anyone who uses the business networks.
  4. Hire professionals like Octo Digital Forensics who are well versed in cyber security.

There are many ways to try to ensure that data is secure. Businesses owners should explore a variety of options to determine the best options for their specific situation.

Acquire Security Experts

The need for quality Managed IT services with staff who are well trained and experienced in a wide spectrum of security related areas is essential concerning the security of online business data. Every business handles the utilization of IT personnel differently, but competent IT professionals provide an excellent resource for data security. Some businesses use in-house IT professionals who are hired as business personnel while other businesses use third party services such as Blue Coat. The method used for IT professionals is optional but the presence of IT personnel is essential.

Hackers are a constant threat who are relentless in their efforts to breach business security and access business data. Therefore, businesses should always be on high alert to prevent hackers and other potential threats from gaining access to business data by implementing and maintaining online data security measures.

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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