4 Disruptive technologies that are changing everything

Jul 07, 2016 • Gadgets
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As the technology world keeps moving forward at a quick pace it’s hard for people to keep up. There is one thing certain though, little technologies are changing our lives quicker than we ever imagined. For instance did you know that just five years ago most people didn’t use smart phones? Of course you knew that but did you realize how recent it was? Now days most people can’t remember a time when they didn’t use a smart phone. The interesting thing about technology is as it changes are lives and we get used to it we hardly remember what it was like before hand, here are some technologies that may become completely common place in the future.

  1. Amazon Echo

    The Amazon Echo is slowly creating it’s own market, sure right now it doesn’t have a huge market share but once you own one you’ll wonder how you ever went by without it. As other more popular manufacturers begin to enter the market this market is going to expand. Soon enough people will become used to relying on their personal virtual assistants giving them advice for cooking, reading books to them, as well as playing music for them. Once you combine these type of systems with home automation systems you start to really see some cool combinations. Using home automation systems with personal assistants means that you can easily change all sorts of things around your home such as lights, temperature, and even locks. Soon enough we’ll all become accustomed to using one device to control our home instead of a bunch of switches.

  2. Self Driving Cars

    Self driving cars are of course a big subject right now thanks to the recent developments with Tesla. As many manufacturers keep racing towards self driving vehicles the race to get them out to consumers is getting quicker. Ford even claims that they’ll have self driving cars on the road as soon as 2021, and Tesla already has some basic systems set up for their cars. BMW is working on the technology as well as Mercedes is releasing self driving cars in the future. What does this mean? It means that ten years from now we could all be reminiscing about the days when we used to actually have steering capabilities in cars, it will also mean that we couldn’t imagine a time when we had to stay awake for a long road trip.40764343 - virtual reality headset on a black male playing video games

  3. Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality has quickly evolved over the past few years, providing not only entertainment but also health benefits as well, e.g. At-home therapeutic Virtual Reality. There are now two main systems, Oculus Rift, and the Vive, both of which have systems that perform amazingly well. With the Playstation VR on its way and the Microsoft Hololens coming out in the next few years VR is going to soon enough become a normal part of life. In fact you can get involved in it now if you have a system expensive enough. Just make sure you use some static cling window film to get rid of reflective surfaces or glares that can get in the way of your motion sensors and you’ll be good to go. It really is amazing being able to jump into a virtual world, maybe the holodeck is next?

  4. Fast Food Automation

    Fast food is an industry that is quickly evolving. Just go into any Mcdonalds to see what the latest developments are. The ordering process itself is now completely automated, this means lower costs and custom hamburgers for all customers. While this may seem like a trivial thing there may be some time in the future that we will have all forgotten what a normal fast food restaurant is like now days, soon enough they may all be automated. If you have questions on how automation can be incorporated in your business, make sure to consult a professional automation company.

In my opinion disruptive technologies usually creep up on us. We don’t realize how big of a deal are until later on they are an everyday part of our life. We can see this through all sorts of technology from the internet to smart phones to video streaming services even. I’m sure there is one thing we are all thankful for, that they exist and help us in everyday life.

David Glenn

David Glenn is a business writer who has been featured on sites like Dwell.com, Business2Community.com and SocialMediaToday.com. He draws from 30 years of experience as a business owner.

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