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Gone are the days of heading to your local video store and snatching up a cool indie flick or two to pair up with your take out and your summer blockbuster action flick. Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube and other content streaming sites have all but obliterated the independent DVD rental business of yesterday.

When you were a kid it was cool to take every poster from your favorite band and cover your bedroom walls. You probably collected every cool tee shirt, button and signed album you could get your hands on from concerts. Don’t forget those all-nighters in front of your local ticket master.

LawPivot believes they have the solution. Partially funded by Google Ventures, LawPivot connects startups directly with lawyers who can answer their questions. In a market where the average cost of legal services can be upwards of $500 an hour, a new company can burn through startup funds pretty darn quickly.

Ever wandered around your city with a friend on a random night trying to find something to do? Well, imagine wandering around your city and always knowing what’s going on and where it’s happening. is a website and application (Android or iPhone) that tells you what’s going on in your area using the GPS function of your phone.

If you love to travel and you’re all about the not so touristy stuff you may have just struck social media gold. Triptrotting is the perfect go to website for those world travelers that crave excitement off the beaten bath.

Smartphones have made everything we snap a picture of “special”. So much in fact, that several apps have emerged to help the new feel a little bit old. You may have seen all the cool artsy iPhone apps like Instagram that capture a modern picture with that grainy old school edge and color. But, you’re…continue reading.

Checking into a place with your phone and telling your friend about it isn’t exactly new, Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook have that covered. Scoville does it, but not alone; it’s a web application that works in connection with Foursquare. Sign up, find your friends, invite them to join, customize lists of your favorite places and promote your #TopTuesday.

One of the beautiful things about the Internet is endless amount of websites designed and dedicated to those who like to be the first to know and share information. No, I am talking about a new Digg, StumbledUpon or Reddit , but something totally different. Founded by Nick Frost is a virtual directory of new startups that takes information flow a step further than the static website.

Remember Chat Roulette? That’s the first thing that came to mind when I loaded up  No, you won’t be instantly flashed with any heinous man parts or stared down with any sultry sex faces. But – you will instantly be paired up with someone.

At its release, email was heralded as the best thing since the facsimile aka the fax machine. Well email may be the savior of the Western world’s time, but like all great inventions of the last century, it could use a little help. DueToDos is a web based business productivity platform that seeks to save you time and increase efficiency whether you’re solo or on a team.