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Try to recall when it was the last time you looked at the SD or microSD card from your phone, camera, or tablet and thought to yourself: “Damn, these cards are kind of ugly. I wish they’d do something about it.” Probably not huh? So what’s the big deal with Samsung’s new line of “stylish branded memory cards?” Well..

The swanky little boutique suite on Santa Monica’s Main Street greeted me in a way that I hadn’t expected. Having been invited to a Sony Vita (Playstation Portable successor) VIP party, I was expecting the event venue to be at a) an electronics store with a sterile feel or b) a top 40 boozing event with a double-booked guest list and red carpet entrance fitting for only Hollywood’s most obscure C-Listers (as some of these product release parties can sometimes be like).

The irony: a sad state that even with the huge number of social network applications we have at our disposal, we’re oftentimes lost, unable to keep up, or still lose touch so easily. But for a second let’s try something different and blame the technology. It’s okay, it’s not your fault.

To begin our recap of last week’s winter TZ Spotlight, we’d like to say our list of thank yous. Thank you to the supporters who told their colleagues and friends about the event, to our attendees for the attention towards the center of the room, to our supporting sponsors, our Spotlight judges, and to Bill Gross, our inspirational keynote speaker for the evening.

Some exciting news from Las Vegas in the massive Sony Booth (for every time I’ve been at CES, Sony’s area takes up damn near the entire exhibit hall /HugeExxagerationButSeriouslyTheyDoItBig) with multiple product releases in every possible category of an electronic consumer’s life.

How much more would consumers spend if they didn’t have to share sensitive person data or type in long credit card numbers to complete their purchase? According to an online survey conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, online merchants could add an aggregated yearly revenue amount of $109.8 billion simply by offering alternative payment options that don’t require credit cards.

“Would you like a free drink ticket?” Said the smiling girl at the check-in table. South, a solid Santa Monica bar and grill was bustling earlier this Tuesday courtesy of the good people at Tech Cocktail and their winter technology mixer.

Big news in the social gaming sphere as major interactive gaming player Kabam announces the launch of The Godfather: Five Families out of beta and into commercial exclusively with Google+ Games. It’s some pretty major news at it signifies an interesting list of milestones in the social gaming industry:

In this interview, we catch up with an amazing TechZulu Spotlight alumnus, Joey Flores, CEO of Earbits, a hand-curated music discovery engine that allows its bands and artists to advertise and promote their own material, events, announcements, contests, whatever. Earbits provides value to the listeners with awesome new music without non-pertinent commercials about California cheese, car insurance, or whatever; and provides value to the musicians by giving them an additional voice.

It’s going to be a HUGE weekend here with the LA Auto Show in town. Expected to be one of the biggest shows yet, the Convention Center will see thousands of gearheads and enthusiasts ready to set their eyes on (and their asses in) the latest developments from Detroit, Japan, and Europe. We got an early peek at the cars earlier this week through the Autoshow’s press days and honestly, it just wasn’t enough time to experience every vehicle on the floor.