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Feb 14, 2012 • Apps, Startups
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The irony: a sad state that even with the huge number of social network applications we have at our disposal, we’re oftentimes lost, unable to keep up, or still lose touch so easily. But for a second let’s try something different and blame the technology. It’s okay, it’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault that we can only be social creatures to a certain extent before brain overload. Maybe we just have too many tools at our disposal. Let’s consider perhaps, there’s just a little too much noise, that logging in to your email -> Facebook -> Twitter -> LinkedIn -> TwitFaceMailBookLink on a daily basis might just be a bit much for most people to muster… or at the very least… one can become so preoccupied with the daunting task of maintaining their contacts that they just don’t have enough time or energy to actually make use of these connections.

Of course, this isn’t really a problem for those who don’t have important things to do, but YOU are a driven and motivated business type, an entrepreneur, a busy working professional who can’t afford to lose that connection because a colleague’s significant life event got buried under cat pictures and feeds about Chris Brown at the Grammys.

Last fall, Mingly released their first product last fall to help users manage their endless webs of connections. They introduced Mingly for Gmail, a powerful browser plug in that unifies all your social networks into one address book with the ability to set reminders and send messages across different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) via Gmail. After an initial round of seed funding of $500k led by Pasadena’s Idealab, Mingly saw great success as they built up their Gmail user base.

Fast forward to the present with Mingly announcing the launch of two new products to expand their services to a wider audience of users. Dubbed Mingly for Web and MyPeople, the suite of products (including Mingly for Gmail) are powdered by the company’s Social Interaction Mapping (SIM) Engine. Together, these product offerings are programmed to help professionals build and maintain meaningful work and personal relationships.

Mingly for Web now extends their product out of Gmail, allowing for a much larger user base to access Mingly’s relationship intelligence from any browser. After connecting and verifying social network accounts, users gain a ‘virtual personal assistant’ to manage their social connections. The app does:

  • Alerts users before they fall out of touch with important contacts, across email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Surfaces and notifies users about key events in their contacts‟ lives (job changes, birthdays, relocations, etc.), providing genuine ways to reach out and build relationships.
  • Keeps track of new connections, and encourages users to follow-up, set keep-in-touch reminders, and tag people in groups. [See Reminder screenshot]
  • Captures important information about contacts (time since last contact, bios, social updates, and conversations), and makes it readily available in a brief contact snapshot.

MyPeople works as a personalized email digest set to update the user on a weekly or daily basis. Through the digest, Mingly users can plan their outreach accordingly or do it immediately by sending different social network messages through one place.

Mingly’s products demonstrate the power and potential of its SIM engine, which currently tracks nearly 10M contacts, 3M social network profiles and 100M total interactions to surface a multi-dimensional analysis of social connectedness. We’re definitely excited to see how things play out for Mingly and their applications! Finally, some solid relief.

Some screen shots of Mingly’s products including a) Mingly for Web’s dashboard and b) Ming’s contact snapshots :


To learn more about Mingly, visit their website!

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