A Cocktail of LA Tech | Tech Cocktail Winter Mixer

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“Would you like a free drink ticket?” Said the smiling girl at the check-in table. South, a solid Santa Monica bar and grill was bustling earlier this Tuesday courtesy of the good people at Tech Cocktail and their winter technology mixer. As soon as I walked in I could detect a good positive vibe. Noisy, but due to a solidly participative crowd in a mix of business, casual, and in between attire. Being their second time in Los Angeles I was really excited for the event organizers for getting their room as packed as it was. I don’t usually expect to pull the side-stepping crowd shuffle on weeknights but I didn’t mind it due to a laid back and courteous crowd.

The evening’s networking and mingling continued with the room of entrepreneurs, technologists, bloggers, technology enthusiasts, investors, and the local technology companies being showcased by Tech Cocktail. Events like these and ones in the future, say TC, are aimed at helping startups get exposure by giving them a platform to present themselves in an expo-style in a small focused environment. We really enjoyed how open to chatting the companies present were. New tech ventures are welcome to apply for future Tech Cocktail events through their main website. Always good for simply getting everyone in a room together. Potential employers, developers, investors, designers, and more in one room, eager to exchange cards and more than a few words.

Event sponsor Sony Electronics was on hand to give away a free $500 tablet to the lucky individual who tweeted the most interesting use for the tablet.

For this week’s mixer, we had a great opportunity to sample a little of the following companies:

MingleA check-in based mobile app designed to allow professionals to broadcast their location and job titles and real time. Taking all the guess work out of initial introductions.

DatherA social media marketing tool that packages videos, photos, tweets, and posts into one place.

Sanebox – An intelligent inbox analyzer tool that makes sure you only read what you want.

Social AnnexA social commerce platform that integrates into your business website to socialize everyday ecommerce actions.

Parking In Motion Your personal parking assistant, providing live information and updates for you to find, compare, and choose the best parking spot available.

City SourcedA real time mobile citizen engagement app, which allows users to report graffiti, trash, potholes, and other civic problems.

ChatterPOPA mobile device tool that allows users to curate and personalize videos for every event, adventure, and experience in their lives.

One Good LoveA leading dating site for the GLBT community that emphasizes strong relationship building.

GamerfoodNutrient-dense snack foods for the most dedicated tech-warrior.

Life CrowdA group activity aggregator to help like-minded discover, plan, and join group activities.

UserplaneA social media platform to help businesses, communities, and organizations manage their social graphs.

Coloft –  Santa Monica’s very own startup cooperative space, where the motivated DO WORK.

Monarch Digital MediaA full service digital media agency operating in our backyard

Tim Wut

Tim Wut was once in pursuit of a paper-laden career in bankruptcy law. He now writes for TechZulu, covering startups and founder stories. He explores the inspiration that drives entrepreneurs and shares lessons learned in the startup trenches. Writer by trade, storyteller at heart.

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