BIRD Is The New Wearable Transforms Any Surface Into A 3D Interactive Environment

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Herzliya, IL, October 12, 2015— MUV Interactive, a developer of innovative technologies for active human sensing, today announced the official launch of BIRD™. BIRD is an intuitive wearable device worn on the tip of the finger that transforms any surface into a multi-touch interface with 3D interactive capabilities. BIRD communicates directly with the user’s devices, enabling rich interaction with anything from displayed content and smart home appliances to IOT devices and drones.  

BIRD is the first device to integrate the entire spectrum of interactive methods – including touch, remote touch, gesture control, voice command, mouse functionality and hover – into a single tiny wearable. This gives users the flexibility to interact with each type of digital content in the most intuitive way, whether they choose to do so from up close or from a distance of up to 100 feet away. BIRD is also the first device to feature multi-user input functionality, allowing up to 10 people to interact with the same content simultaneously. 

BIRD is optimized for several different sectors, including: 

Education: BIRD frees educators from the constraints of screen-based equipment and allows them to better engage students. Educational digital content can now be controlled from anywhere in the classroom. The multi-user feature gives students the chance to exchange ideas and collaborate with teachers and fellow students. Because it adapts easily to the most popular modern operating systems, BIRD has limitless potential for all existing and future digital learning sources. 

Corporate: BIRD’s multi-user input functionality enables greater employee collaboration, hastening the development process and enabling fast results. Additionally, its small, lightweight size enables business travelers to bring their projects to life no matter where they are. 

Professional: BIRD is a powerful tool for professional speakers and presenters, allowing them to fully engage their audiences through 3D models, web-based applications, animations and more, all while roaming freely around the room. Its capabilities also go beyond presentations and product demonstrations to include medical applications, real estate construction projects which may require equipment like those various 10 ton trackhoes, marketing campaigns and much more. 

Home: BIRD is an all-in-one-solution for the smart home, allowing users to control display screens, TVs, cellphones, smart appliances, virtual/augmented reality entertainment, IOT gadgets and even drones – all with the tip of their finger.

BIRD redefines the way people interact with digital media,” said Rami Parham, CEO of MUV Interactive. “Our team has put together a miracle of engineering that not only supports today’s applications, but pushes the envelope of what is possible in future ones.”

Developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, BIRD packs ten different sensors and multiple other innovations into a tiny plastic shell. Itcombines the strengths of optical, inertial and wearable sensors, giving users the freedom to walk around the room and engage with others while still maintaining full control over their digital content. BIRD’s algorithms instantly integrate and analyze data from the sensors in real time, reflecting the user’s position in space, pointing direction, hand posture, voice commands, touching/hovering position, pressure level on any surface, and more. The device is precise enough to identify movement of less than 1mm, even when the user is standing 100 feet away from the content being controlled.

BIRD can now be pre-ordered at


Desdemona Bandini

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