Callaway and Uber Partner | The Next Wave In Event Transportation

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callaway+uberNowadays when you need a ride somewhere you instinctively reach for your phone and open an app to call upon your latest driver. However due to much controversy and competition, the same hasn’t played true while at large events (*cough* SXSW). Today that changes as two major brands Callaway and Uber, partner to offer on-demand rides at one of the largest events in sports.

During this year’s 2013 US Open patrons will be able to request a ride via Uber to and from the tournament sites at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. This marks the beginning of what could be the next wave in event transportation. Few have tried in recently months with little success; generally due to city regulations on competing with the local taxi services, but Callaway’s social and brand presence should help this be success.

“How golfers, like those who have capitalized on an indoor golf simulator, experience golf companies has changed considerably,” said Harry Arnett, SVP, Marketing, Callaway Golf.

“They are now more directly connected with individuals at equipment companies, with Tour professionals and with the Pro at their local course. Working with Uber on a social, technology-driven and fun program — that also provides utility to golf fans — is an example of how Callaway continues to focus particularly on the out of home experience with golfers in our ongoing commitment to be the most engaged experiential brand in golf.

For those who haven’t had the chance to experience Uber, the mobile app connects people with professional drivers, delivering a convenient, on-the-go transportation solution. Uber uses real-time GPS technology, which will help golf fans in the Philadelphia area access the Callaway branded SUVs within the standard Uber app during the entire US Open. Special for this event a dedicated, in-app information screen designed specifically for the US Open will lead fans to the “#MyCallawayDriver” ride option, where they can request transportation to and from Merion Golf Club East Course from within the Philadelphia area. There will be no cost for the Callaway ride option.

US Open fans who catch a ride through the Callaway and Uber #MyCallawayDriver partnership will receive a limited edition collector’s coin designed by Callaway Golf. Those who tweet a photo of their experience to @CallawayGolf & @Uber_Philly, including the hashtag “#MyCallawayDriver”  will be entered to win a red, white and blue Odyssey® Versa® #7 Putter.

Callaway and Uber have also distributed 2,000 co-branded, new user gift cards in the Philadelphia area with a promotional code valued at $20 off a first Uber ride. And anyone who is new to Uber can sign up and receive a first free ride up to $20 using the promotional code “CALLAWAYUBER”.For Callaway, the partnership with Uber comes on the heels of a professional networking campaign for golfers on LinkedIn called Hit the Links. Several months ago Callaway introduced its RAZR Fit Xtreme®Driver with a Twitter-based product unveiling that used real-time social conversation to unlock content, marking a first for the golf industry. The company’s Holiday Hit the Pin sweepstakes on Pinterest encouraged golfers to create a board with their dream bag of Callaway® clubs.”Gone are the days of carefully crafted, heavily orchestrated marketing campaigns. Well they’re not gone, but they’re becoming an anachronism in our dynamic sport. Golfers want a new kind of engagement. They want authentic, personal connection points with the people that make our sport special: Tour players, retailers, club professionals, equipment manufacturers, and each other.” -Harry Arnett, SVP of Marketing, Callaway Golf.

What may shock people out there is this is a great example of just how serious Callaway is about creating great fan experiences and growing their social presence.  Other brands out there…no names…pay attention.

#MyCallawayDriver – Enjoy the US Open.

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