Lessons in Social Advertising 08 (LiSA08) took place last Thursday at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was a panel of industry insiders offering their insight into the role Social Advertising is playing as an emerging new branding tool in the new media space. According to the LiSA Panel, they are the first forum dedicated…continue reading.

With Father’s day looming around the corner, TechZulu’s newest addition, Martini Beerman, heads to an in-house mixer in the heart of Santa Monica, hosted by They hope that this shop casting network will shed some light on some highly recommended products for 2008. By posing the simple question “What do you use?”, ThisNext uses…continue reading.

Bringing advertisers and publishers together is Canal Street Media’s game. Speaking of games, that is exactly what they used to bring all of them into one spot. Canal Street Media held an interactive advertising game night at Yankee Doodles this past Thursday where not only was the Lakers Vs. Celtics game was on, but they…continue reading.

After the success of last week’s Mixergy Drinks 2.0 event for eHarmony (click here to see our coverage), Mixergy’s founder Andrew Warner, is at it again, this time holding a very informative sold-out forum last night in Santa Monica covering the topic: The Smart Way to Get Your Startup Funded. One of the biggest mysteries…continue reading.

Leave it to Kevin Winston of MySpace/Fox Interactive Media and Amanda Macnaughton of The W Hotel to come up with another reason to get out into the sunshine and celebrate life. It didn’t take Kevin long after his huge success ‘Digital LA – Digital Drinks @ Ritual’ to send out the notice that everyone in…continue reading.

Mixergy Drinks 2.0 took place last Tuesday, hosted by eHarmony in Pasadena. It was an opportunity to bring together SoCal’s growing web community. When asked why they did a Mixergy event, Greg Steiner, President and COO of eHarmony, mentioned he wanted to organize this event because eHarmony has grown so much over the last eight…continue reading.

The inaugural LA Mixers event kicked off last Wednesday night with hundreds in attendance at Republic in Hollywood. Event organizers wanted to differentiate this event from others by “hand-picking” attendees from their combined, extensive list of contacts. Not in such a way to exclude, but to ensure a group of individuals who are leaders in…continue reading.

    When you think of a Mindshare event, the word extraordinary would be an understatement. Intellects from a broad range of industries come together to share ideas and bring a rich and diverse culture to the Mindshare event where you would not be able to find at any L.A event. May’s event was the…continue reading.

Digital L.A. never seems to disappoint! That of course applies to last night. Over 350 people showed up at Ritual Supper Club in Hollywood! Kevin Winston, from Fox Interactive Media, is the organizer of the event. It’s not your typical L.A. tech event. When you show up to this event, you’ll find film makers, content…continue reading.

Talk about doing it up right! On Friday night, Taltopia threw a launch party event that was held at the luxurious Boulevard 3 in west Hollywood. People from all over the entertainment industry flocked to get in on this must attend event. The RSVP list, we were told stood at over 1500 people and did…continue reading.