TekTrak is a smartphone security company that developed software which allows users to accurately track their lost or misplaced phone, and remotely secure any private or sensitive data stored on the device.

Social Annex creates “Social software” that plugs into eCommerce sites and helps monetize Social Media as an online marketing channel for them.

Zugara is an Augmented Reality technology company based in Culver City, CA. We develop Augmented Reality software and robust applications that advance the way in which people are able to interact with real time digital data.

We here at TechZulu could have not asked for a better night. Amazing Spotlight companies, a fantastic audience, and great conversation sparked by the mixing and mingling of the academic and business worlds. We accomplished exactly what we were striving for with Spotlight, by providing a gallery of great entrepreneurship and raising a glass to those who build and innovate.

After months of submissions the moment you all have been waiting for is here! For those who still might be wondering what Spotlight: LA Tech is all about, It’s a screening room for new technology homegrown in our region. It’s a gallery of great entrepreneurship. It’s a toast to those who build and innovate. It’s a gathering of friends and tech enthusiasts of all stripes.

The Spotlight: LA Tech event is coming along nicely with tons of companies submitted and most of which I wish could all be part of this amazing night. So to help curate and show off the best that LA has to offer we called in a few friends for backup.

Are you creating the next Facebook/Gilt Groupe/Omniture/Sling Media in LA? Are you transforming your industry with technology and making the world a greater place to live? Are you doing things with software, hardware or Web or mobile services that will make fellow techies cheer in admiration? Then we want you.