This year at CES, Sony was kind enough to allow TechZulu the opportunity to use and review their Bloggie Camera CM5, a flip-view hand-held HD-video camera. First impression of this device was, “Who named this thing?”, and even worse, “Why would they plaster that awful name on the device where everyone can see?”. Perhaps I’m…continue reading.

If you’re lovin’ on Android and want a smartphone that integrates your communication channels and media in one place, the new Sony Xperia X10 just may be for you. TechZulu got a sneak peak of the device at CES. Here are a few highlights. Among the Xperia X10’s signature applications is Timescape, which conveniently puts…continue reading.

You know those times when you’re at the airport and your smartphone dies right when you’re typing that last message? You look around for a charging station or free outlet, but of course none are in sight. Ya, we’ve all been there. Well, at CES, Case-Mate cut the cables and offered TechZulu a Hug. A…continue reading.

OK…you may have already heard about USB rocket launchers, but word on the street has it that USB gadget manufacturer Cheeky Geeky is coming out with a new version controlled by webcam for some truly convert in-office operations.  The current version retails at $49.95 

IOGEAR had a slew of tech goodness during CES.  The first thing that caught my eye was the wireless HD streaming kit.  The picture quality did seem really awesome however it was only about five feet away from the television and there were no walls or anything like that to interfere with the signal.  Will…continue reading.

During CES we caught up with Jeremy Toeman creator (and target) of the Gunman iPhone app.  Gunman is an augmented reality game that uses the iPhone’s camera as a rifle scope and lets you start an all out shootout between you and a friend. So, how do you get the action started?  Gunman gives you…continue reading.

If you’ve ever been to TechZulu’s Hollywood HQ, you know that Domo and Totoro stand guard over my Mac. I’m a sucker for the cute stuff, and at CES, the Headphonies from Mobi Technologies were no exception. These three-inch designer mini speakers feature a hi-fi amplifier that surprisingly pumps out the same bass as a…continue reading.

With all the traveling we do here at TechZulu, we’re always on the lookout for ultra portable gear with high computing power and decent battery life. And if it looks snazzy, all the better. Which is why I was so excited to come across the Sony VAIO X-Series ultra thin notebook at CES. This super-sexy…continue reading.

During CES TechZulu’s own Amanda Coolong talks tech trends with Rich DeMuro from TechMeme at the Sony Tower.  They discuss everything from e-Readers, Android powered devices, hottest phones, 3-D televisions, tablet rumors, and much more.  Definitely stay tuned to TechZulu as we release some of the greatest gadgets and tech from CES 2010 in the…continue reading.

The Microvision Show WX is another in a line of smaller and smaller handheld projectors. It projects VGA-quality video and runs about $500. Unfortunately, the home theater projector can’t be bought in the U.S … yet. The rep we spoke to said he hopes that will change sometime soon. Still, in a world where projectors…continue reading.