Image via Wikipedia   Last night’s Digital Experience event hosted more than 100 technology companies. Throughout the day, look for some of the interviews we took on the latest in consumer tech.   First up: Griffin Technologies is coming out this month with a power booster for phones which should help bring a little juice…continue reading.

Today is the day! TechZulu is heading out to CES and we got tons of products/gadgets/games/companies to review and interview. We want to hear from you as well and get what you are really interested in. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@TechZulu) for all your CES goodness. We will be at CES from…continue reading.

Looking back at 2009 we had our ups and downs within the industry but the need to innovate, produce amazing content and the creation of great gadgets still remained.  As we look forward to 2010 let us not forget what we have learned from the past and continue to succeed.  Below I’ve compiled a list…continue reading.

TechZulu is very pleased to announce that we are partnering with Sony during CES.  We are going to be streaming ‘Live’ From the Sony tower on January 7, 2010 from 4pm-5pm PST (possibly until 6pm).  We already have a huge list of amazing products we are going to be covering, but we want to know…continue reading.

Yesterday I was hanging out at the Zune house in LA for a live ZuneChat with the All American Rejects. That was pretty cool and all but the awesome thing was during the event the new Twitter app for the ZuneHD was released and we got Matt Singley (@mattsingley) to give us a walk through…continue reading.

TechZulu is proud to announce that we are partnering with meebo!  This partnership will bring you the great and wonderful meebo bar.  The meebo bar brings some great sharing features to TechZulu.  All you have to do is hover over any video or image and drag it to the network or service of your liking.…continue reading.

Sony has recently release their new DSC-WX1 compact camera which according to Sony has unparalleled low-light capabilities (we’ll put that to the test).  This camera has lots of goodies (dive deeper into later in the article) one of which is the Sweep Panorama feature.  With very little effort this feature puts a panoramic image together…continue reading.

Guest post by Jim Alden @TechFrog Although the Internet was invented years before on the campus of UCLA, It wasn’t until Christmas day 1990 that Tim Berners-Lee, completed the first browser for the world wide web (on a NeXT computer). As the 90’s went on, the web was growing, Mosaic, Opera, Mozilla (and others) continued…continue reading.

As 2010 approaches, a whole new year of exciting start-ups, tech news, gadgets, and much more is ahead. TechZulu wants to thank not only the Los Angeles tech community but the entire tech community for all the awesome support you have given us throughout this past year.  Without all of you and your support, TechZulu…continue reading.

Alright start-ups if you were hesitant for some reason about applying for Twiistup this should give you that extra umph!  Twiistup Just announced that it has added a demo night for all showoff applicants.  That’s right just apply and you get to showoff! Twiistup has partnered with The MEMES Center at UCLA Anderson and has…continue reading.