Gain Security and Automation with these Home Security Systems

Oct 19, 2016 • Gadgets, IoT
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Do you want to keep your home safe, even if you have plans to move or don’t have a lot of money to spend on rewiring? We’ve got the best home security systems of 2016 for you to look at – options that won’t break the bank or get in the way of your life!

Frontpoint – $35 to $50 per month


Frontpoint does a little bit of everything, and does it all very, very well. If you’re looking for a cutting edge interpretation of the traditional home security systems, start here. Depending on the plan that you choose, Frontpoint offers everything from fire and environmental/break-in sensors to smart security lights, cameras, and geo-location sensors for tracking objects like your car, one thing that you should look into getting for your home is Passive Fire Protection to prevent any accidents. Whether you want to stick to the traditional aspects or turn your house into more of a smart home, which may also contain some home additions, there’s room to work here.

Frontpoint has also made the full switch to mobile devices, which offer even more advantages than you might expect. First, wireless network solutions are far easier to install throughout your house, wherever you want them, without worrying about rewiring costs. Second, mobile devices generally play more comfortable with smart ecosystems and include smartphone-friendly features like live video streaming, scheduling, and text alerts – all things that Frontpoint supports. This is combined with more professional services like 24/7 monitoring, life safety and services, creating a competitive package that outshines most others.

Link Interactive – $40+ per month

Link Interactive

Link Interactive, once “Mountain Alarm,” has been retooled as a DIY security system, and we’re big fans. DIY security refers to a model that’s a little less focused on professional, long-term services and more focused on allowing homeowners to build their own systems on their own terms using an array of smart, mobile devices. Link makes this particularly possible through its amazing customer service, which provides videos on how to install devices, tutorials to read, and a number of contact options including live chat.

The devices that you can install include a control panel, door and window sensors, motion detectors, and a temperature or smoke detector for fire safety which in case you are adding after your first incident, we also recommend checking here this carpet burn restoration service. Everything is entirely wireless and simple to install…and relocate, if you plan on moving in the future and want to take the system with you. However, despite the consistent focus on DIY setup, Link Interactive does offer some more traditional options, which include 24/7 monitoring via the highly regarded Verizon network. Think of it as a great solution for younger, more mobile families who like the idea of a security systems but aren’t sure they want to invest so much money in a permanent services.

Scout Security – $10 to $20 per month

Scout Security

Scout Security is similar to Link Interactive, but much more so. It doubles down on the minimalistic, mobile, and DIY aspects of today’s home security system, but makes them even more ideal for young families who don’t want to be bound by location or packages. This is one reason that the monthly fees are so low, and give you options to refuse things like 24/7 monitoring to help save money. There’s also no annual contract or activation fee, which gives you a lot of flexibility in the short and long term.

The device selection is a little low compared to competitors, but you can still get everything you need, including door/window sensors, access sensors, motion sensors, and a number of tracking accessories. The mix-and-match is nice, and the compatibility with existing smart platforms like Nest is even better, but if you want security cameras your only option is the Nest Cam, so be prepared to go farther afield to find everything you want.

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