High Tech Fitness: How it’s Changing the Game

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The fitness industry is a huge market that is worth over $24 billion so it comes as no surprise that tech companies have entered the picture. The rise of high-tech fitness has taken the industry by storm with everything from wearable fitness trackers to smart jump ropes. No longer content with an overpriced gym that comes with little to no guidance on how to achieve their goals, people are turning more and more to high tech fitness instead, as people want to improve their bodies, that’s why they also go for the best nutrition, and supplements from this IT works greens review can also help with this.

They help you reach your goals faster

High tech fitness has allowed people to come closer than ever to achieving their goals and faster than ever before. The secret to the success of wearable fitness trackers are that they are empowering people to accomplish their fitness goals. Take the fitness tracker Jawbone, which was recently named as one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2015. Jawbone automatically monitors your activity, sleep patterns, resting and passive heart rate. A study done by researchers in Toronto recently stated that sitting for eight to twelve hours or more a day could increase your risk of illness and increased a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%. By monitoring your activity, fitness trackers aid users by encouraging them to walk more during the day and urging them to get more steps than they did the week before – a huge benefit for office workers.

They help you determine exactly how to burn fat

Heart rate monitoring is not a new phenomenon, but the way you track it is. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at your heart rate, fitness watches such as Polar, can help there. Polar boasts a ‘smarter training experience’ through offering you guidance on how to develop your training as well as feedback on your workout performance. It will let you know if your fitness levels are increasing and give you motivating feedback after your workouts. Heart rate monitoring has long been popular in the world of fitness and health as it is widely believed that you can burn fat most effectively at a specific fat burning zone with the right exercises and using equipment like the ankle brace amazon can help you protect from injuries during training. This fat burning zone is around 50-60% of your maximum heart rate. With traditional methods of tracking your heart rate (think fingers on wrist), making sure you were at the correct heart rate was pretty difficult. With fitness watches, it takes the guess work out and shows you exactly what your heart rate is.

They offer nutrition advice and workouts at the tip of your fingers

In addition to wearable high tech fitness, we can’t forget about the ever popular health and fitness apps. There are countless health and fitness apps that do everything from creating a personalized workout, even using a foldable treadmill for small spaces, to helping you find log your meals and determine exactly how many calories you’ve consumed. These have revolutionized the world of fitness by providing help and information at your fingertips. Apps such as Hot5 Fitness bring users workouts that they can do in the comfort of their own home. This is a huge deal for those who cannot afford traditional gym memberships or feel intimidated by the ‘bro’ community that tend to live at the gym.

Furthermore, nutrition apps such as MyFitnessPal and LifeSum help users become more educated about what they are eating. Many Americans assume that as long as they avoid junk food and candy, that they can lose weight – quite the opposite! Researchers at Cornell University found that those who were underweight consumed as much junk food as extremely morbid obese groups of people. Nutrition apps can educate people by helping them to control their portion sizes and to see the macronutrient value of the foods they are choosing to eat. Just make sure you have a good wifi connection and you’ll never be without stellar health and fitness advice, at a fraction of the price of a gym or personal trainer.

High tech fitness is here to stay

Tech companies have given people the tools to transform their health and fitness which is not going unnoticed by the public. More and more people have tapped into the power of high-tech fitness and are using it to take charge of their health. It is undeniable – high-tech fitness is changing the fitness industry and the way we have traditionally approached fitness. And it’s here to stay. | Images via Shutterstock

Alice Williams

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